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Vegan Supersoft Kabuki Brush
ECO minerals Vegan Makeup Brush
ECO minerals super soft Vegan KABUKI brush
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Supersoft Vegan Kabuki makeup brush

ECO minerals natural makeup vegan brushes are created from the finest, softest synthetic hair for a seamless application of your ECO minerals: mineral foundation, mineral bronzer, mineral blush
These super soft natural makeup brushes are washable - making for a long lasting, hygienic application brush.
Why synthetic? ECO minerals have been especially created to be gentle on the skin, cruelty free and of course, to give you a perfect application of your minerals.


For thousands of years we have chosen to decorate our faces to present ourselves as we choose to be seen, a projection of how we want others to think of us. Kabuki Brushes were designed for Japanese Kabuki Theatre actors, both men and women to produce highly dramatic effects and let the audience know exactly what the characters are all about. It is the Kabuki Brush that creates the magical perfection that is Japanese Kabuki Theatre.

For many years cosmetic liquid and cream foundations have been used, but now more and more people are discovering the magic of mineral makeup. When preparing for an event, for work, or just relaxing with friends, we put a lot of effort in to how we look. And what is the first thing people see? Our face. When you like your face you feel good and other people will notice you as well. After all, what do we look at when we are having a conversation with someone? This is why the makeup we use is so very important.

Although conventional cosmetic makeup can be good at covering imperfections and giving you the look you would like, it can also clog the skin and stop it from breathing. The beauty of mineral makeup is that while it covers imperfections and gives a perfect look, your skin can breathe healthily, which contributes to your overall health and creates a virtuous circle of beneficial behaviour. Mineral makeup has another distinct advantage; it can last the whole day regardless of the weather conditions when traditional makeup will streak and can be easily washed off.

What do you need to do when using mineral makeup in order to get the most from it and create that amazing look? You need to ensure that you get a high quality product, follow the correct method of application and use the right tools. This is why a Kabuki Brush is more than essential.

What is a Kabuki Brush?

A Kabuki Brush is vital element of a woman’s makeup kit. Ask any professional make-up artist or a woman who cares about herself and her looks. Have you ever considered what type of make-up brush to use when applying your makeup or do you think it makes no difference? It does. This is why you should choose a Kabuki Brush which will allow you to easily create that great look first time, every time. If you are someone who likes wearing blush then you need a soft Kabuki Brush to enable an easy, soft, smooth and faultless application. This is why we recommended this brush for the application of mineral makeup. It not only contributes to a faultless finish, but also helps protect and nurture your skin.

This brush is considered superior because its shape has evolved over hundreds of years to give you a professional looking finish. Its more modern, flatter counterparts give a poorer finish. If you have never seen or heard of Kabuki Brushes then you may wonder what they look like. This type of makeup brush normally has a round head with a curved top. The handle is usually quite short and gives you greater control. One of the most noted characteristics of Kabuki Theatre is the extravagant and stylized make-up which creates the persona the Japanese actor wishes to project, their makeup informs the audience about the character they are playing. Their aim was to redefine the face by following the bone structure. By trial and error the actors recognized the ability of the brush to give an immaculate finished look with every use. The importance of the actors looking their best for their performances has ensured the popularity of the brushes.

A Kabuki Brush is fundamental in the application of powdered mineral makeup, like a blusher or foundation. These brushes help to achieve a perfect cover giving you a natural look. One of the fun things about this brush is that it is portable. It is great to be able to refresh your make-up whenever you want, wherever you are. The fact that they are small makes it simpler to store them too, preferably in a cool and dry place with low humidity.

Materials Used to Make the Kabuki Brush
A kabuki foundation brush consists of soft bristles which are normally densely packed and dome shaped. The bristles were traditionally made from animal hair of various types. There are many different grades of brush depending on the animal hair used. Goat hair is usually used to make the natural Kabuki Brushes. This can be the hair from a single type of animal although they can also be from a combination of various animals' hair.

For the vegetarian or vegan there are also brushes made using synthetic materials which include taklon and nylon which contain the properties found in animal hair bristles. To apply your make-up with the greatest flexibility the brushes come in a variety of shapes and lengths. The type of makeup you want to apply should guide you in your choice of a Kabuki Brush.

How to Choose the Right Kabuki Brush for You
As important as it is to have a Kabuki Brush, it is equally important to choose the one most suitable for your purpose. The brushes are available in various sizes so you should choose the brush which feels most comfortable in your hand. Stroke the back of your hand or the inside of your wrist, how does feel against your skin? It will also be useful for applying of other products, such as powder and blush, in addition to mineral foundations.

When compared to other types of brushes goat hair is used because of its softness and the way its contours will help your skin appear beautifully smooth when you use it to apply your makeup. One of the best things about the brush is that its use is not only limited to the face. Therefore you are free to use it on various parts of your body too.

You will notice that most of our brushes are made to suit the application of mineral makeup. They have wide domes that allow them to make a fabulous sweep when applying the makeup, saving you time and ensuring a smooth, consistent finish because they regulate the distribution of the correct amount of makeup which will produce a beautiful creation.

If you use bronzers then you should also get yourself a Kabuki Brush to ensure an even and attractive application. This will give you a very healthy summer glow that will make you look so good that people around you will notice the difference. When buying a brush for bronzer application you need to choose one that is suitable for both your face and body. For example, perhaps a longer brush maybe more suitable to dust the bronzer on the parts of your body which are more difficult to reach, such as the shoulders or cleavage.

Look for a brush with very soft hair when shopping for a Kabuki Brush. You may be tempted to buy the cheaper ones to save money. This is a false economy, a Kabuki Brush is an investment because it will help you to look your best and thus feel your best and help you face the world with happy confidence.

For those of you with a heartfelt sympathy for the plight of animals, for whatever reason, rest assured we have ideal alternatives. These excellent quality brushes are perfect for those with sensitive skins or where dermal issues mean that good hygiene is vital.

How to Care for Your Kabuki Brush

Here are some tips to keep your Kabuki makeup brush in the best possible condition and to enable it to protect your skin from the germs and bacteria that will inevitably build up on the brush. Please note that Kabuki Brushes with natural bristles need extra care in order to avoid getting damaged. Follow these steps to ensure that you clean your brush effectively.

First and foremost, ensure that you have a flat clean surface to work on.

Pour some warm water in to a small bowl, just enough to cover the bristles, and add about 2 ½ teaspoons of shampoo. Dip the bristles into the bowl for two minutes, swirling occasionally. While doing this, make sure you only submerge the bristles only. Try to keep the handle dry.

After two minutes, empty the bowl and replace the soapy water with fresh, warm water. Repeat the process of swirling the brush for one more minute. Empty the bowl again and change the water, then again swirl the brush in the clean, warm water for another minute or until all the shampoo has been washed-off.

Then hold the brush with the bristles face down and shake off any excess water.

Place a paper towel on the flat surface and secure the bristles with a rubber band, this will help the bristles maintain their shape. Then put the brush on the paper towel. It should be flat and face down.

Give the brush some time to half-dry, perhaps somewhere with a good flow of air and then remove the rubber band and let it dry naturally in a gentle flow of fresh air.

It is advisable to wash the brush after use to avoid the build-up of particles as this can attract bacteria.

Taking good care of your kabuki makeup brush means it will apply the exact colour of your chosen makeup each time you use it.

The Flat-top Brush

Choose a brush natural hair or synthetic bristles that are very soft and dense. A flat top brush should be used by lightly tapping, known a "stippling". This will help to achieve a good set to your foundation. A puffing, rolling or pushing action can cause an uneven layer and might even end up looking a bit messy. Using a flat-top brush correctly sets it perfectly and is easy to clean afterwards.

Make sure you use a light application of powder, which is easy to do because mineral makeup only needs a small amount. Stipple the powder with no buffing or swirling because this can cause streaks and an uneven application.

Stippling makes sure the makeup sinks in and will help effectively set both foundation and concealer. Powder or cheek stains can be blended out using an upward motion to produce an ideal air-brush finish, ensuring no abrupt colour changes or unsightly lines.

Flat-top brushes are easy to use, although they are not as precise as the round top Kabuki Brushes for applying foundation in creases and nooks and are less portable than the small Kabuki Brushes. A long handle is recommended for greater control and precision.

Tips on Getting the Most out of Your Kabuki Brush

Here are some great tips that you can use with your Kabuki Brush:

Use it With Mineral Powder
Kabuki Brushes are designed for holding and evenly applying the very fine-grain mineral powders.

Use it When Applying Other Powders
A Kabuki foundation brush is simply the best for all makeup powders.

Get a Perfect Finish
Applying the brush gently after applying your makeup to buff your application and remove unblended lines. The result will be a smooth and flawless look.

Clean the Brush Regularly
It is necessary to regularly clean your brush in order to reduce the risk of bacteria and keep it working perfectly. You can clean your brush with the help of a regular makeup remover. Alternatively you can just wash it in a mixture of water and shampoo and leave the bristles to dry as advised above.

Invest in a Quality Brush
You will never regret investing in a good Kabuki Brush. Not only do they deliver a great result they will last a long time as well.

Why is this product A M A Z I N G ?
  • super soft - perfect for sensitive skin
  • washable - for years of hygienic use
  • Vegan - no animal content
  • superior application - professional, flawless finish

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Kabuki brush September 19, 2017
Reviewer: Patricia van Kempen from Murgon, Queensland Australia  
Very soft. Applies foundation well.

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Lovely August 21, 2017
Reviewer: Krystal Goodwin from Abbotsford, Victoria Australia  
Soft and easy to use. Cleans very well and springs back ready to use again (oh and again)!

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Kabuki brush July 31, 2017
Reviewer: Isabella Beath from Coffs harbour , NSW Australia  
Excellent i absolutely love the brush uts beautiful and soft and applies the powder really well.

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Thank you July 26, 2017
Reviewer: Kaylene Hopkinson from Mildura, Victoria Australia  
Absolutely love the softness of this brush.

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Vegan Supersoft Kabuki Brush July 2, 2017
Reviewer: C. K.  
Great Brush. Love that it is vegan. Its light to hold. Perfect for applying the mineral foundation. In fact I will purchase another one to use for blush and bronzer. Overall its a really good brush.

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