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Mineral makeup is often thought to be the best natural makeup, but not all mineral makeups are created equal.

Here we take a look at ingredients found in mineral makeup to help you choose the best
natural makeup for your skin.

What are the basic ingredients found in pure mineral makeup powders and foundations? True mineral makeups are based around these key ingredients: Mica, Zinc, Titanium and Iron Oxides, Ultramarines and Tin oxide. (Our Flawless foundation contains a tiny amount of kaolin from clay to assist with oil control and a matte finish.) These are all guaranteed to be free from harmful nano particles or micronised particles.

What are the ingredients in a 100% natural mineral makeup?
Mica, Zinc, Titanium and Iron Oxides, Ultramarines and Tin oxide are all found in 100% pure mineral makeups and there is no need for much else in your formulation. You will notice that often an ingredient list says + or - some ingredients. This is because within a range, different mixes of each ingredient are used to achieve different blends and colors.

What ingredients could be added that are safe?
Other ingredients such as Kaolin (from clay) or other botanical ingredients can be added and are considered safe. It is important that Kaolin is added in tiny quantities only and this can be beneficial for oily skins and to achieve a matte finish. Generally, a formula without kaolin is best for dry skins. Sometimes a mineral makeup product will contain rice or corn starch. Even though these ingredients are considered safe, they are not always added for the benefit of your skin and the appearance of your makeup on the skin.

What ingredients could be added that are not safe to my skin?
Many people find bismuth oxychloride irritating and prefer to avoid this ingredient. Other ingredients to avoid if you are seeking a natural product are parabens, talc, rice and corn starch. Magnesium stearate is not considered a necessary ingredient in high quality and professional mineral makeup formulations.

Why do some minerals contain ingredients that are not safe and beneficial to the skin?
When we choose a makeup we want it to look good, wear well and be good for our skin and health...right? What motivates a large company?
Often profit is a large factor - so ingredients that are cheap are used and also ingredients that will extend shelf life are added so that there are minimal losses on out of date stock. Pure minerals are the expensive products, whilst talc is considered a cheap filler.

My skin is very sensitive - what are the ingredients to look out for?
Sensitive skins should choose a mineral makeup with no bismuth oxychloride, talc, preservatives and corn starch. Some skins also are very sensitive to Mica. ECO minerals Flawless pure mineral foundation is suited to most skins, even very sensitive skins. Ask for a sample first if you have very sensitive skin - when in stock we will happily provide a complimentary sample for you.

What are nano particles - are these safe and natural?
Nano particles are tiny or micronised particles in which an ingredient - natural or synthetic - is found in such tiny particles that the health and safety of these is questionable. There are many articles on nano-particles and the potential health hazards of these on the internet.

ECO minerals does not use nano-particles in ANY of our pure mineral makeup products - we do not agree with using nanotechnology in our makeups and we simply do not need them to create a professional and beautiful product that is long wearing and looks and feels amazing.

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Flawless Mineral Foundation in jar
Flawless Mineral Foundation in jar
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Perfection Foundation
ECO refill
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100% Natural Mineral Mascara Black or Brown
100% Natural Mineral Mascara Black or Brown

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ECO mineral makeup pack Pure mineral foundation Perfection blend
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Flawless Mineral Foundation
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This is the perfect way overhaul to your make up and go Vegan, Cruelty free and ECO with foundation, kabuki brush, bronzer/blush and Illuminate. High performance, Vegan, ECO friendly cosmetics. A Flawless matte finish on normal, oily and combination skins.
Long wearing
Build-able coverage
100% pure, safe minerals
Natural SPF 25
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PERFECT and PROTECT your skin - a fresh, natural, dewy finish

  • Best for normal, dry and/or mature skin.
  • Long wearing
  • Build-able coverage
  • 100% pure, safe minerals
  • Natural SPF 25
  • Colour Match Guarantee - or FREE!

FREE Same day shipping - AUST & NZ


Our Customers tell us our Mineral Makeup is the best. ECO minerals 100% Natural Cosmetics are Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Makeup is a very important part of a woman’s beauty ritual with many women making sure to apply their favorite makeup before stepping out of the house. Makeup is not a new concept, as it is human nature to want to look good. The application of makeup by women has been around for many years, the only difference is the material and technology used to develop the products.

Women love looking good and are willing to part with a small fortune to purchase makeup products from world-renowned brands. The negative side of conventional makeup is that it sometimes causes harmful side effects to women with sensitive skin. This is why the relatively new mineral foundation makeup was introduced into the market.

Women who have heard of this cosmetic for the first time, commonly ask ‘what is mineral foundation makeup’. Mineral makeup can be described as the earth’s natural gift to all women. This is because these makeup products are manufactured using pure minerals that occur naturally on the surface of the earth. If you have been struggling to look for the best foundation that will work for your skin, then you must try out mineral foundation.

Mineral makeup was launched into the market in the 1970s; however, its origin stretches further than that. Historians can trace this type of makeup back to the days of Cleopatra. This ancient historical figure was known to use natural earth bound substances to improve the appearance of her eyes. Aside from Cleopatra ancient cultures applied ground-up natural earth minerals for different purposes such as beauty, decoration, war paint, and camouflage.

Therefore, makeup producers borrowed this ancient practices and applied new technology to develop mineral makeup. Since mineral makeup got its commercial start, it has greatly grown in popularity because of the huge number of women with sensitive skin.

If you have tried out several makeup products but none seems to be working for you, then you should try ECO minerals. ECO mineral products offer the best mineral foundation Australia. These products have been carefully manufactured without the use of chemical additives thus making them perfect for all skin types.

Mineral products even out your skin tone giving you a beautiful, flawless finish. These products give a natural finish covering imperfections whilst making you look as though you are not wearing any makeup. ECO minerals also have foundation makeup for those women who love the look of clearly visible makeup. The beauty about these makeup products is that they are long wearing and wear all day, even on oily skin and in humid climates.

Therefore, you will be able to avoid those situations where your skin dries or makeup sgives way to shine in the middle of the day while you go about your daily routine. ECO minerals use 100% pure minerals, thus ensuring your beauty and care of your skin at the same time.

Makeup For All

Mineral foundation at ECO minerals is manufactured with the well-being of women in mind; therefore, all women can use it. The fact that it uses minerals instead of chemicals makes it suitable for all skin types ranging from normal to the most sensitive ones. The minerals used offer a natural protection that does not interfere with the composition of the skin.

While you are shopping for a foundation made of natural minerals, you will be able to find one that is specifically suited for your skin type. If you are aware of your skin type then your shopping experience is made easier as all ECO mineral makeup foundations have a label that clearly indicates the skin type they are suitable for. The minerals used during the manufacture process vary depending on the skin type.

Aside from having products that are suitable for all skin types, you will also find foundation in several different shades. The different shades of mineral makeup foundations are manufactured to cater to all skin tones. The beauty about these foundations is that they use natural minerals instead of chemically manufactured color additives. This allows them give users a very natural look.

Ingredients Used

The earth has several minerals that can be used to manufacture mineral makeup foundations, however the quality of the minerals vary. One major disadvantage that has been linked to mineral makeup is the use of poor quality minerals with the addition of harmful chemicals and preservatives by some brands. With ECO minerals, you do not have to worry about harmful side effects. All the ingredients used are of the highest standards, for instance, ECO minerals use Z- Cote Zinc, the highest quality zinc that is safest for the skin.

Titanium Dioxide is one of the ingredients used in ECO minerals. This mineral gives a beautiful finish and has components that protect the skin from scattering UV radiation. Zinc Oxide- 2 is also among the ingredients of mineral foundation and it has properties similar to Titanium Dioxide.

Mica is a mineral that that gives light reflecting qualities to the other mineral products used. Mica has no color therefore; it requires other minerals to create several shades of foundation. For instance, Mica can be blended with Iron Oxide - a natural mineral that is used for its coloring properties. Iron Oxide produces foundations for warm tones.

Ultramarine Blue is also another mineral that is used to provide color to foundations. This mineral produces cool colored makeup foundations.

Other ingredients used by ECO minerals include Tin Oxide and Kaolin- 7. Kaolin is a natural clay that is added in small amounts in our Flawless Foundation to help control oil and shine in people with an oily skin type. Kaolin also has properties that can assist women with oily skin.

With ECO minerals the safety of your skin is guaranteed as they only use pure high quality mineral ingredients that have natural in bound properties that protect the skin from harm. The high quality minerals combined with the vastness of the products manufactured, allows ECO minerals produce the best mineral foundation for all skin types and tones that are free from nano particles, bismuth oxide and other potentially harmful ingredients.

Advantages Of Using Mineral Makeup

All the ingredients used in mineral makeup foundations are naturally occurring minerals while the traditional makeup uses chemicals. This places the mineral makeup foundations at an advantage as they provide the skin with a natural base thus greatly minimizing the chances of an allergic reaction. Mineral makeup is considered the best choice for all women because it has properties that have been proven to be beneficial for the skin.

Mineral makeup has natural sunscreen properties. The sun has harmful effects that can cause the appearance of dark spots on your skin, premature wrinkles, and severe sunburns. Ingredients such as Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide have properties that shield the skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Other minerals used have a property that enables them to reflect sunlight thus providing the skin with a cool soothing effect.

Mineral makeup foundations also have anti-inflammatory properties. The traditional makeup uses chemicals that can cause inflammation and allergic reactions to people who have sensitive skin. Zinc Oxide is commonly used to make mineral makeup foundations due to its anti-inflammatory property. Zinc allows people with sensitive skin to apply mineral makeup comfortably without the risk of allergic reactions.

Traditional makeup is usually heavy and makes the skin feel sticky and uncomfortable. Mineral makeup on the other hand is made of natural ingredients that are pulverized and crashed into a fine powder form. This makes the foundation lightweight and non-sticky. The lightness of the powder allows the skin to glow without having to apply too much foundation.

Mineral makeup helps to cover broken capillaries, wrinkles, acne scars, and red spots. This allows it to enhance your appearance as it makes the skin look smooth.

In today’s world, plastic surgery is commonly practiced for various reasons. After surgery, a patient may be left with a scar that takes time to disappear. Dermatologists and surgeons prefer and recommend their patients to use mineral makeup to cover up scars resulting from surgical procedures. This is because the makeup is lightweight and natural and will therefore not lead to post op surgical complications as opposed to using cosmetics with chemical additives.

How To Apply Mineral Foundation

A lot of women have discovered the benefits of using mineral foundation as opposed to the traditional foundation. However, for you to look great when wearing mineral makeup, it is vital that you get the application right. For you to get a beautiful and natural finish there is a trick to applying this type of foundation that requires you to follow a few steps.

First, before applying any makeup, it is important to prepare the skin. Makeup will look as good as the skin underneath therefore, even if you apply makeup properly on a poorly prepared skin, it will not look right. The process of prepping the skin involves washing your face with a gentle cleanser and applying a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. Wait around 30 seconds before applying the foundation to allow the moisturizer to be completely absorbed. It is important to make sure that there is an even a film of moisturizer left on the skin so that your mineral foundation applied evenly.

Tap the mineral makeup foundation into the cap of the container. This will prevent you from applying to much foundation on your skin. Take the brush and swirl it into the cap. Lightly tap the brush to allow excess foundation to fall off. Apply the foundation using a circular motion, with each circle the size of your ECO minerals foundation tub. While applying begin with the cheeks, move to the jaw line, then proceed to the rest of the face. Make sure that the application is done evenly. Alternatively, if the first application has not achieved your desired coverage, you can always add more layers. For the foundation to look perfect, make sure you use one that is suitable for your skin type. Just ask us if you are not sure.

Our Products

ECO minerals offer two mineral makeup foundation options to cater for all skin types. The ECO ultimate pack is ideal for women looking to make the switch to full blown mineral makeup. This package contains an 8gm pure mineral makeup foundation, hi light cream or concealer, white light illuminate, bronzer or blush, eye shadow, and 1 super soft kabuki brush.

ECO minerals offer the best mineral foundation for oily skin in its flawless mineral foundation. The flawless matte finish is ideal for both oily and combined skin types. This foundation is long wearing and has nine shade options as well as custom shades. These foundation shades are made using 100% pure minerals that are safe to use.

The ECO minerals value starter pack is affordable and is ideal for all women. The contents of this package include 1 bronze or blusher, a lightweight illuminate, an 8gm foundation jar, and a soft vegan kabuki brush.

The perfection mineral makeup foundation is ideal for women of all ages. This foundation comes in a 5gm jar and provides a fresh or dewy finish for normal, dry, and mature skin. The ingredients used to manufacture the perfection mineral makeup foundation makes it long lasting and ideal for all skin types.

ECO minerals also offer two high quality natural illuminates. The ALCHEMY Hi Light Crème is a light reflecting product that is ideal for everyone. This crème enhances the appearance of the eyes, cheekbones, and lips. The white light mineral illuminate is suitable for all skin types. The white light mineral illuminate has a silky smooth texture that is easy to apply using a brush or your fingertip. All ECO mineral illuminates are made in Australia and are formulated to enhance your appearance.

ECO minerals employ customized services to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Customer privacy is one of the most important part of ECO minerals relationship with customers. Several privacy policies have been put in place to protect all customers. After ordering online, your products will ship to you within 1 working day. Should the delivery process take longer, customers will be informed via their email addresses. Visit the ECO minerals website and place an order for your mineral foundation knowing it is backed by our 100 percent LOVE IT Colour Match Guarantee.