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Sample ECO minerals for just $2.20 each sachet or sample packs $9.90. FREE Shipping*. Biodegradable sample sachets with approx 3 applications in each sachet.

Perfection Foundation is a fresh, dewy finish - amazing on normal, dry and mature skins
Flawless Foundation is a matte finish and is great for normal skin or skin with oiliness.

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*Free shipping in Australia & New Zealand when your order is samples only.
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mineral makeup samples
sample pack
RRP: AUD $9.90
PRICE : AUD $9.90

6 sample sachets of our best selling products especially for your skin type and tone Sample ECO minerals for just $2.20 each sample. FREE Shipping*. Biodegradable sample sachets with approx 3 applications in each sachet.

Mineral Makeup

When it comes to the pursuit of beauty, women are willing to do pretty much anything. So when the cosmetics industry announced a new type of makeup that is not only cheap but one that promises to create a perfect complexion while making the skin healthier in the long run, women got excited. This despite the fact that mineral makeup has been around since the early 70s; it is currently the 21st beauty cure all. This type of makeup not only makes the skin look beautiful, but also offers anti-inflammatory effects, sun protection, and a whole list of other benefits.

So what is the idea behind mineral makeup? Well, as the name suggests, mineral makeup are cosmetics made of natural ingredients mined from the earth. These ingredients are natural occurring minerals, which are first pulverized into fine micro-particles and then added to preparations from foundations down to lipsticks. Most of the minerals have beneficial health results for the skin thus combining health effects with cosmetic results. Below we take a closer look at this beneficial type of makeup, and why every woman should rush to buy mineral make up samples to make the transition to using natural cosmetics.

Comparing Mineral And Conventional Makeup

Mineral makeup which is also referred to as organic makeup contains 100% natural minerals and in some cases organic preservatives and fragrances. Conventional makeup on the other hand, is manufactured using chemicals that may cause adverse reactions when applied on sensitive skin.

Conventional and mineral makeup differ in many ways. To begin with, mineral makeup is based in a loose powder while traditional makeup comes in liquid or cream form. For this reason, traditional makeup washes off when it comes into contact with water while organic cosmetics bond to the skin and do not smear off. Other differences include:

  • Mineral makeup is lightweight and therefore naturally blends to hide imperfections unlike traditional makeup, which is heavy and thick, making it hard to blend. The makeup’s nature causes it to settle into lines and wrinkles on the face thus making them even more noticeable. In addition, regular makeup makes the face feel heavy and caked, while the weightless nature of mineral makeup allows the face to breathe. Mineral makeup also reflects light, which in turn reduces the appearance of aging by hiding wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Since mineral makeup is powder based, it lacks moisture and other materials that can cause bacteria to grow. As a result, this type of makeup can last for up to 3years. Conventional makeup on the other hand, has a lifespan of about 6months.
  • Mineral makeup is rich in vitamins, minerals, and oils that are good for the skin unlike conventional makeup, which contains chemical preservatives, fragrances, and dyes that can be harmful to the skin at times.
  • Aside from having a long shelf life, mineral makeup is also long lasting on the skin. Once applied, mineral cosmetics can last for hours without requiring a re-touch, even when you apply little makeup. This is because the makeup’s pigment lasts a long time. With conventional cosmetics however, you may require to make several trips to the ladies room to re-apply your makeup.

Health Benefits Of Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup offers the following benefits:

  • Screens the sun: Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide both of which are sun blocks are common ingredients found in most mineral makeup products. This enables the makeup provide users with a degree of sun protection.
  • Prevents clogging of pores: One of the major benefits of mineral makeup is that it does not clog skin pores. Since mineral makeup binds to oil and not water, it adheres to the skin’s natural oil thus preventing the makeup from seeping into the pores of the skin. This allows the skin to breathe naturally thus preventing skin flare-ups or the aggravation of an acne condition. Additionally the makeup’s ability to bind with oil and not water makes any mineral cosmetic water resistant thus preventing smudging when users are exposed to water.
  • Helps alleviate acne and spots: Mineral makeup is often recommended for people with sensitive skin, as it is soothing to the skin and has fewer potential irritants. The makeup even goes as far as helping alleviate or cure some skin conditions. A good number of acne sufferers and people prone to skin breakouts have reported improvement on their conditions after using mineral makeup.

Importance Of Testing Before Buying

Now that you understand the differences between conventional and mineral makeup as well as the health benefits of using organic cosmetics, the next step should be buying your very own mineral makeup. When buying organic makeup, it is important to pay careful attention to the ingredient listings on the makeup’s packaging. This is because some cosmetic products may be listed as mineral makeup yet contain some harmful ingredients. Examining labels is the only way to be sure that the products do not contain any harmful substances.

Another equally important step to take when looking to purchase any type of makeup is to test any product before buying. Some cosmetic users repeatedly make the blunder of buying the wrong shade of foundation, lip balm, or concealer. These products are in most cases discarded in the bottom most drawer and never used despite having cost a significant amount of money. Alternatively, other users buy cosmetics that cause skin irritations forcing the user to throw them out. A person who samples makeup before buying can avoid these kinds of situations. Through testing, you can avoid wasting money on the wrong products and save yourself from experiencing adverse skin reactions. Unfortunately, you cannot just open a tube of lipstick and try it out at a store, but you can test your cosmetics by getting makeup samples.

There are numerous stores and websites on mineral makeup, which offer samples of their cosmetics especially when presenting new products. Therefore, finding samples of the makeup you want to buy is not difficult. Try as much as possible to choose websites that offer makeup samples free shipping services when shopping online. You can also register with makeup company websites and request to be sent samples whenever a new product is introduced. The good thing about cosmetic samples is that they are very cheap thus allowing you to try out a variety of makeup products without spending much.

How To Test Mineral Makeup Products

A few women are born with the innate flair of choosing the right makeup products while the rest find it hard to choose what is best. While shopping for cosmetics can be downright confusing due to the many products available, there is a way in which you can easily identify what works for your skin type, tone, and facial features. By simply purchasing mineral makeup samples and knowing the proper way of testing cosmetics, one can be able to determine what products are right and which ones should be avoided. Here are a few tips on how to best test makeup products before buying, so that you will have no problems making a choice the next time you enter a department store or visit a cosmetics website.

  • Testing for suitability: Performing a suitability test is the most important steps to take before buying any makeup product, especially when you have sensitive skin. This is best done by performing a patch test, which can be done on the inside of the elbow or wrist. Simply take the sample makeup of the product you intend to test and rub it on a thoroughly cleaned patch of skin. Avoid wetting or washing the area for at least 24hours after which you should check for allergic reactions such as redness, swelling, rashes, irritation, soreness, burning sensation, or itching. If there is no reaction then you can safely add the product to your makeup kit.
  • Checking for skin tone: To check whether a bronzer, concealer, foundation, or blusher matches your skin tone, rub a bit of the product on your neck or on the inner side of your wrist or arm. Go for products that come close to your skin tone, as they will look natural when applied on the face. As you compare colors, keep in mind that colors ranging from pink to beige look good on fair skin while darker tones look good with colors such as copper, bronze, and chocolate. Medium skin tones on the other hand, look good with neutral colors. While these points will help you choose the most ideal color, feel free to experiment with other colors. However, make sure that the colors make you look good and not like a clown.
  • Testing lip products: To test a lipstick, lip-gloss, or lip balm, apply a bit of the product on your fingertips while standing in a well-lit area. Tilt your hand back and forth several times to check how the color comes out. Choose colors that look great against the light. Generally, matte finishes give off a heavier color payoff as compared to glossy finishes, which are lighter and shinier. To test the texture of lip products, rub your fingertips together and feel the consistency of the product. Avoid products that are either too sticky or too runny.
  • Testing eye makeup products: When choosing a mascara, it is advisable to go for products with volumizing and lengthening features. You should also try to stick with black as it works on all eye colors. However, if you wish to experiment a bit, the next safest colors are blue, purple, and green. Choose a color that complements your eyes. For eyeliners, choose waterproof products or ones with a non-oily tip when opting for a pencil. To test eyeliners and mascaras, apply a bit of the sample products on the back of your hand, wait for it to dry, and then try smudging it. Avoid products that smudge as that is a clear indication that the mascara or eyeliner will run out under your eyes. Since eyelids have creases, good eye shadows must have the capacity to resist creasing after applying. Therefore, to test mineral makeup samples of eye shadows, apply a bit of the product on the inner side of your wrist and the back of your hand. Bend your wrists several times and check for creases. A little creasing is fine; however, the product should not get stuck inside the creases.

Why Choose ECO minerals

If you are looking for where to buy makeup samples, Ecominerals is the place to be. This Australia based company offers a variety of mineral makeup products ranging from foundation to blusher, and from eye shadows to bronzers. The products come in a variety of colors, therefore finding a color that suits your skin tone is not difficult. The best thing about the samples is that they are extremely affordable and can last for three applications.

If you live in Australia or New Zealand and are looking to start using mineral makeup, you should consider shopping at Ecominerals for two reasons, quality and price. All Australian and New Zealand residents will spend nothing on shipping fees as Ecominerals offers makeup samples free shipping services to these people. And, when it comes to quality, the products of this company are unparalled. Quality is guaranteed as all makeup products on offer have been manufactured using only natural occurring minerals and thoroughly tested to ensure high performance. Therefore, you do not have to worry about experiencing adverse side effects. Most of the users of Ecominerals products express satisfactory results. Regardless of your skin tone and type, you can be sure that you will find the perfect makeup for your skin at Ecominerals. Therefore, for any first-time user of mineral cosmetics, the makeup samples Australia from Ecominerals are a great place to start if you are unsure of what products to choose.

Finally, make up samples Australia from Ecominerals also cater to people living outside Australia. The company offers international shipping services at highly discounted prices. Buying cosmetic samples from Ecominerals enables you to enjoy low shipping prices that are not offered by other websites supplying organic cosmetic samples.