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100% Pure, Vegan, Cruelty Free cosmetics - looks beautiful, feels amazing - or your money back!

ECO minerals statement on animal testing & ingredients:"We are strongly opposed to the use of animal ingredients and to animal testing. No ingredient or product of ECO minerals contains animal ingredients or is tested on animals. We know animals are sentient beings and have their own lives, families, hopes and dreams. We do not support any harming of animals or undertake any activity that is harmful to animals. We are committed to spreading the message of cruelty free beauty and cruelty free life style."
ECO minerals is the worlds No. 1 ECO Vegan cosmetic - looks beautiful on your skin & feels amazing! Created from pure, ethically sourced ingredients. Choose from mineral foundations in matte or dewy finish. SPF 24, long wearing - over 1000 reviews averaging 5/5! Use our web or phone colour chooser or purchase a sample pack. Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free by CCF and PETA.
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Makeup for Ethically Minded People - Vegan Friendly Makeup and Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Even if you go out of your way to buy ethical products where no harm has come to animals in their manufacture, you may not be aware of how ‘ethical’ cosmetics can often be made in ways that hurt or exploit animals.

Some cosmetics may contain animal products in the actual product. Other makeup brands may test and harm animals when making their products.

Here at Eco Minerals we know how difficult it can be finding ethically produced cosmetics that haven’t used animals in any way in their testing and manufacture. Some companies may remove references to animal products in their ingredients, or try to hide the fact they have tested the product on animals.

We know that you don’t want any uncertainty or worry in this regard. That is why we make absolutely certain that all of our makeup is 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Why Cruelty Free Isn’t Enough

As you may be aware, many cosmetics are listed as cruelty free. Whilst this is certainly an improvement on the norm, it doesn’t tell you whether the product has used animals at some point, either at the testing stage, or if animal substances have been used in the product itself. Just because a product is called cruelty free doesn’t guarantee that it didn’t involve exploiting or harming animals at some point in the production line.

For example, cruelty free can often simply mean that they didn’t test the product on animals at the end stage. However, they still could have potentially tested it at earlier pre-trial stages, or the cosmetic may even include or use products that have been tested on animals by a third party.

As such, whilst some companies make products that say they are cruelty free, this might not totally be the case. At Eco Minerals we have done everything possible to ensure that we produce cosmetics that are truly cruelty free. The best way to achieve this is by making sure we produce 100% vegan friendly makeup.

Why Our Makeup and Cosmetics are also Vegan Friendly

Whilst many cosmetics companies are claiming to be cruelty free, and so not using animals for testing or manufacture of their products, often this can be obscure. The only real way to know that no animals have been exploited or harmed in the testing or manufacture of a cosmetics product is by using vegan products.

We believe that in order to live a truly ethical lifestyle and to be truly conscious of other animals on earth, you have to change the belief that humans are somehow dominant over animals. Vegan is the only answer. It is the only way you can be sure that you are living an ethical life that doesn’t adversely affect other species for the benefit of humans.

What Makes it a Vegan Product?

When a product is vegan certified you can be sure that no animals were involved at all in the making of the product. This means that there was no animal testing at early stages, it certainly doesn’t use any animal based substances and it didn’t involve animal testing at the end.

Whilst cruelty free cosmetics can potentially still use animals at some stage of their manufacturing process, vegan doesn’t allow this at all. It only uses completely non-animal products and substances from start to finish. One way we achieve this is by producing totally natural mineral based cosmetics. In our vegan friendly makeup we use only non-vegan substances to give eco-conscious Australians true peace of mind about their cosmetics.

What We Don’t Use in Our Products

Whilst some cosmetics companies will use products they claim don’t harm animals, they may still use substances or chemicals derived from animals in their manufacture. Cosmetics, like those sold at Eco Minerals are 100% vegan cruelty free and therefore will not contain any substances derived from or exploiting animals. We have listed some of the common substances below; not of which are used by Eco Minerals:

Animal Fats and Oils

  • Many non-vegan products might contain these kinds of fats or oils, but our vegan products avoid this by using ethical alternatives like coconut oil, linseed oil, almond oil and olive oil.

Honey and Beeswax

  • 100% vegan means we don’t use products that contain beeswax or honey. Whilst many don’t think these are unethical substances, they are obtained by taking advantage of another species. As such truly vegan cosmetics, such as those produced by Eco Minerals, won’t use these materials. We may use hemp balm as a replacement for beeswax for example.


  • Whilst found in a lot of creams and lotions because of its moisturising properties, lanolin is actually extracted from sheep’s wool. As such it won’t be found in our Eco Minerals range.

Animal Hair

  • Whilst Animal hair might sometimes be regarded as cruelty free, it isn’t regarded as vegan, because shearing animals can be exploitative and distressing for animals. As such, you won’t find any animal hair in our cosmetics range, such as our Supersoft Vegan Kabuki Makeup Brush.


  • This is often found in creams and moisturisers as it’s believed to help reduce wrinkles and offer other benefits. However, this won’t be found anywhere near our products, like our Mineral Concealer, as albumen is the technical name for egg white, which is obviously animal derived.


  • This is widely used now by people wanting to make their skin look more plump and firm. However, many don’t know that it is obtained from the bones of dead animals. As such none of our products contain it.


  • This is what gives lipsticks and blushers that deep red colour. However it is made from cochineal, which actually comes from crushed dead beetle shells. You don’t need to worry about this being in any of our items, such as our Eco Minerals Mineral Blush.


  • This is another product often found in cosmetics such as eye shadow and mascaras to give a sparkly look. It is however a substance made by soaking fish scales in alcohol, which definitely isn’t vegan.


  • This chemical is obtained by squeezing the liver of a shark. Obviously you don’t want to have that on your conscience, so our 100% cruelty free, vegan products avoid it completely. Whilst it is often used in a variety of cosmetics, you won’t find it any of our products natural range of foundations for example.

As you can see, at Eco Minerals we ensure the highest standards of all natural, cruelty-free, vegan products to enable you to live a more ethical lifestyle and have genuine peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on providing a line of cosmetics that you know won’t have been tarnished through exploitation, abuse or disrespectful use of animals or animal products.

Alongside this our products are totally chemical free and made from all-natural substances found in the earth we walk on, so they are as good as it gets for the health of your skin, as well as being the ethical choice. To make things even better, they are beautifully packaged too! So don’t waste your time and have anything nagging at your conscience; try some of our great products today.

The concept of vegan makeup originated from the ethos veganism, which is a lifestyle supporting that animals must not suffer or die to serve people’s needs or wants. Eating vegan simply means consuming organic vegetables, beans, fruits, whole grains etc. and eliminating all dairy products and meat from ones diet. Choosing a vegan diet is not only a health consideration but also a philosophical one. For people having philosophical reasons, they maintain their preferences for any type of product used in their lives, i.e. this also extends to cosmetics, clothes and accessories they wear.

The cosmetic industry have acknowledged and raised a collective conscious voice against animal abuse, as a result of which, there is an emerging market for vegan makeup. Vegan makeup is the type of natural cosmetic products, made of cruelty free ingredients that are neither derived from nor tested on animals. As a response to increasing consumer pressure and bad publicity, the cosmetic industry has evolved its production procedures and ingredients to make more Vegan friendly makeup.

A product can be labeled as vegan only if it is fulfills the basic criterions. Firstly, the product must not require product testing on animals. Secondly, by vegan makeup, it is clearly meant that the ingredients used in making a vegan product are not derived from animals or animal by products.

A lot of companies that produce cruelty free and natural products can still not label their products as vegan because they use products such as honey and goat’s milk to make a final skin care product. Also by merely reading a label on the product, does not confirm it to be for veganism. There are many companies that tag themselves as such, but in fact are not vegan as they fail to ensure that the entire production process is absolutely animal friendly. For instance, a company may be using a certain chemical that had been initially tested on animals, in producing its cosmetic item. In such cases, the company cannot label its product as vegan, despite its best intentions.

With an increase in consumer awareness, many renowned makeup brands such as Mac, Clinique and Etude etc. are embracing the emerging trend of vegan products by offering a line of professional vegan friendly makeup. A wide range of naturally created products is now made available in the market for those who have adopted a vegan beauty lifestyle.

The Benefits Of Using Vegan Makeup

The application of vegan makeup is becoming increasingly popular these days owing to the numerous benefits it has over ordinary cosmetic goods. People, especially women are extremely conscious about the products they use on their skin. They want to be sure that the cosmetics they apply are entirely safe and healthy for the skin. Therefore, mineral makeup has become a preference for a vast majority of people. The following are the advantages of using vegan organic makeup:

  • By using vegan products on the skin, by-products of dead animals such as uric acid obtained from cows, beeswax, and extracts from insecticides etc. can be absolutely ceased from touching sensitive human skin.
  • Mineral makeup gives a flawless coverage by settling on the skin in a natural way. A vegan foundation would cover the skin without making it look unnatural or overdone.
  • Vegan products are ideal for skin as these are made of fewer ingredients.
  • Cosmetic products that are animal friendly do not block skin pores as opposed to ordinary makeup. They allow the skin to breathe so that it can maintain its freshness even if the makeup was applied in excessive amount, all day long.
  • Consumers, who are purely vegan, can apply products that are absolutely cruelty-free with no worries.
  • With vegan cosmetics, the companies also make sure that their packaging is 100% eco-friendly.
  • There are at least fifty prominent cosmetic brands that have adopted veganism and therefore offering the consumers a variety of options to choose from.
  • To cover any imperfections on the skin, people usually apply makeup in a wholesome amount, giving it a cakey and fake appearance. Because ordinary makeup blocks skin pores, the face starts to sweat and the makeup cracks or melts. With vegan makeup products, the skin not only looks light and fresh but also conceals facial blemishes and scars by giving the skin an even all over tone.
  • Animal free cosmetic products are mostly oil free and are ideal for oily skin types. Ordinary products release oil that settles on the surface of the clogged skin.
  • There is a common concern among women regarding the difference in application of ordinary and vegan makeup products. Both are applied in a similar way. Although mineral makeup is friendlier on human skin, but in terms of money, it is slightly more expensive as compared to ordinary makeup products. In the end, the consumer would not mind paying a few extra dollars for the numerous health, conscious and safety benefits associated with vegan makeup.

Vegan Product Types

Vegan companies make completely organic products for their consumers without having animals to go through painful, harmful and deadly procedures. The pros of such products are many. Not just that they're cruelty free but also that because they are made from natural resources they are incredibly beneficial for your skin, whichever type it may be. There are many popular Vegan make up brands, which have given remarkable results and at EcoMinerals we believe we excel in this area. We offer a large range of natural vegan makeup products ranging from concealers to eyeliners, eye shadows and mascaras. So we can assure you that there will be no shortage of products for you to apply when it comes to makeup.

  • There are Enzyme Facial Cleansers offered for all skin types. Having a rather oily skin, which suffers from regular breakouts, we can assure you it’s the best cleanser for your skin. From a sensitive skin type to a rough one, these facial cleansers are a plus for all. They contain natural enzymes to remove dead skin and eradicate dirt from pores, without letting your skin lose its natural shine. It leaves your skin super soft and moisturized without leaving any dryness or residue. These cleansers are definitely a must try. They are so affordable and handy that you'll find them in most professional makeup artist’s kit.
  • Liquid Eyeliners are also now made available by popular brands. These contain vitamin B5 with its skin moisturizing qualities. These eyeliners give your eyes a bolder look along with natural benefits of vitamin B5. They do not leave any residual color on your eyelids. The most sensitive part of your skin is located on top of your eyelids, hence the natural ingredients and B5 included in this eyeliner is to heal, protect and beautify your eyelids. These are produced and offered by many companies are easily accessible for you with affordable prices.
  • Day/Night Creams are made with essential oils extracted from plants and petals that hydrate your skin. These creams are fairly thick and smooth with long lasting positive impact on your skin. Although they may at times feel a little greasy due to the oils and minerals used, this soon dissipates once your skin absorbs them in and is fully hydrated. Such creams are perfect for any type of skin. They handle the problems of acne with the additive use of natural oils from hazel seed, almond and argon oils, that provide both nourishment for the skin while treating acne.
  • Mineral foundations have been produced to even out your skin tone and give you a shine free finish, which makes you glow, for the a day. Minimising the pores and evening out skin tone, you can apply it before you use makeup or after it. It has natural ingredients that protect skin from dangerous UV rays. The SPF 15 added in the mineral foundations are designed as such to protect and seal your skin from harm. For more coverage you can use it with a liquid foundation.
  • Eye shadow Primer Potions have started to become a cult favorite for many people and we seem to find a good reason for that. All you have to do is put it on your eyelids and after letting it dry a little you apply your favorite eye shadow. And then let yourself enjoy the magic. The primer also has Vitamin B5, which gives it unique soothing property. Not just that, your eye shadow is made more hip and pop and stays for a prolonged period of time. The extracts from leaves of plants keep the eye shadow from creasing, helping it stays on all day! Used in conjunction with your other favorite vegan eye products, your eyes will make a statement of their own.

How Is Vegan Makeup The Best Cosmetic Option?

Natural Vegan makeup avoids synthetic components, chemicals and preservatives as they can be damaging for the skin. This means products derived from formaldehyde, paraben and urea are not used in making vegan organic makeup products and accessories.

Numerous makeup brands offer cosmetics that are made up of an intricate mixture of various solvents that initially do wonders to the skin, but gradually contribute to its decay as well. Harmful residues of these concocted materials destroy the skin tissue.

  • Vegan perfumes and fragrances that are organically manufactured are made up of pure essential oils extracted from natural wood, flowers, bark, blossoms and seeds. These fragrances contain no residues and contaminants. Extractions from essential oils are entirely natural and preservative free. These have an authentic aroma and texture that makes the finest and high quality end product.
  • Not only are these products certified for their genuineness and pureness.

Ingredients Used In Making Vegan Makeup And Their Importance

There are several ingredients that combine together to make natural vegan makeup.

The absence of synthetic components in natural mineral makeup does not make it unfit for professional use. The organic substances used instead fulfill the purpose without harming the skin.

Companies that manufacture vegan cosmetics use inorganic salts that make the skin feel healthy and light unlike traditional ingredients that make the skin look heavy and oily. The core ingredients used to make mineral makeup are:

  • Oxides: These are manufactured after the oxidization of iron and zinc. The oxidation procedure gives mineral products the quality to perform as a sun block. Zinc oxide has the potential to heal wounds and it acts as an antiseptic and antibacterial powder.
  • Mica: It gives the skin a smooth and soft texture. Mica gives a shimmery and lusterless look that makes it ideal for mineral makeup. Mica suits all skin types.
  • Kaolin: It is an essential component that controls oil, which is naturally released from the skin. Kaolin is characterized as an ingredient that absorbs oil and therefore, ideal for oily skin types.

The above-stated elements used in making vegan makeup products along with other ingredients such as cyanides, dioxides and ultramarines help the companies in guaranteeing their customers skin-friendly and healthy cosmetic products.

Natural Vegan Makeup For Delicate Skin

Women with delicate skin avoid experimentation with/on their skin. Traditional makeup often reacts on sensitive skin. With mineral makeup, several skin problems have been resolved. The Non-Toxic vegan makeup Australia does not make the skin dry and itchy. With mineral makeup the skin won’t rash or cause acne. The naturally available minerals in vegan cosmetic products rejuvenate the skin and rebuild damaged tissue.

The best thing about companies manufacturing mineral makeup is that they label all the ingredients so that if a user is allergic to any of them, they can avoid it before testing it on their skin. So it is important that they read the labels before making a purchase decision.

How To Apply Natural Mineral Makeup?

For new users of mineral makeup, there are a few application tricks that can do wonders to the skin. By following these tricks, not only will the skin glow temporarily, but its natural minerals will also leave a long lasting impact on the skin.

The guideline given below will help you in handling vegan makeup on your skin. Makeup should only be applied only in a reasonable amount to conceal any imperfection.

The first step is to moisturize the skin properly after a through facial wash. Mineral makeup settles best on well-moisturized skin.

The next step is to apply mineral concealer to hide dark spots and scars on the face with a vegan application brush. If required, apply a mineral foundation and gently massage it in circular motion.

For women with oily skin, use wet towel or water sprays. Flaky skin types must apply essential oils before application of any other product onto the skin. The skin will become smooth and regain its texture gradually.

There is not much difference in the application of vegan makeup but if used in the right quantity, it will have innumerable benefits on any skin type.

About Eco-Mineral Australia

Vegan makeup Australia is now becoming an upcoming trend, as people prefer using more of natural makeup rather than that that has animal by-products in them. We, ECO minerals Australia, are animal friendly and cruelty-free cosmetic company. We make products that are environment friendly with no animal testing. We are a renowned cosmetic brand in Australia, which provides artifacts that are of premium quality. The natural minerals and extracts are beneficial to the users.

We provide rewards to customers who get refills. With our reasonably priced products, you will have a fulfilling and enjoyable buying experience.

Our policy is very simple, we promise to bring you the best natural make up that keeps your skin and our planet completely safe and green, by using the most pure and nature friendly ingredients. Not only that, our packaging is also ecologically safe. We own our consumers and work tirelessly to satisfy them.

We ensure that our products are 100% pure and safe because we wish to maintain our reputation of being the best vegan cosmetic company that never compromises on the quality of its products. Our products include natural minerals like iron oxide, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. And for glowing and hydrated skin, we add kaolin clay and Mica for oily skin. All of the ingredients used, are truthfully mentioned on the product and its package.

We being the leading retailer in mineral makeup industry in Australia offer all kinds of products because we understand the skin requirements of our potential and existing customers. We cater to all skin types and our products have crossed national boundaries because we always deliver our promises. We are offering free delivery all over the world for purchases made above AUD $99. Our online store is easily accessible to our customers and we are here to answer all your queries and concerns.

We also avoid all sorts of by-products and unnatural substances that may irritate the skin after prolonged usage. Our extensive range of cosmetic products is manufactured to fulfill all makeup requirements. We also provide 100% color match guarantee.

Why Buy From Us?

Our mineral foundation includes ingredients like Zinc oxide and Titanium Oxide that act as sun screening agents to protect our consumers from any sort of skin damage. This protects your skin from the summer skin burn.

Kaolin clay is another nourishing constituent added; this helps in the absorption of the skin's fats and refines the skin's pores.

Our day and night creams are hence popular for clearing skin breakouts and pore cleaning because they are cosmetic products meant for oily skins. Their drying molecules help in evening out the oily patches of your skin. On the other hand our company also caters to people with relatively dry skin, which leads to wrinkling and aging.

Mica is another natural and anti aging component with which the skin radiates and regains its moisture. Our consumers are satisfied with our products that give them radiant and flawlessly vibrant skin.

Our mascaras keep your lashes beautiful and healthy whilst enhancing your eyelashes and giving your eyes a high glow and lift, enhancing your eyes even better. These are available in black and dark brown colors.