Byron Bay, Australia

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Welcome to the eco minerals ambassador program!

If you love eco minerals - you can now recommend eco minerals to your friends and network and when they purchase online - receive commissions.  You also receive a discount on personal products whilst you are actively networking eco minerals.

How does it work?

We work with people who have the same vision and dream of us - pure, vegan, life changing cosmetics.  Please write to us if you want to be accepted into our affiliate program, as we save this for people who are fun, professional and dedicated - not just anyone can join.

Controlling your work directly!

As an approved ambassador of eco minerals you can check your sales commissions anytime and manage them through your eco mienrals customer account.

Our Campaigns
Sell to your friends

Earn commissions when you sell eco minerals to your network.

Pay Per Sale Tier 115% of Order Total for first order.10% of Order Total for next orders.
Tier 210% of Order Total for first order.5% of Order Total for next orders.
Tier 35% of Order Total for first order.3% of Order Total for next orders.
Discount policyReceive 10% off your own orders whilst you are actively selling eco minerals
Valid Datefrom Oct 1, 2018 to Oct 31, 2022



Great product!!! Love the finish and how
minimal you have to use to get an even coverage.

Larisa, Mildura


Great product! i love how just a tiny amount
gives coverage i want.

Leanne, Potts Point


I am in love with ECO minerals. The best mineral make up I have ever used It's beautiful!

Libby, Newcastle


Great cover but also a very natural look
and quick and easy to apply.

Nadine, Hobart


Finally a product my sensitive
skin can wear - amazing finish.

Belinda, Broome


Fantastic service - colour
match guarantee much appreciated - thank you!

Linda, Darwin


I am really happy with the finish,
coverage and how long foundation wears - very impressed!

Gabrielle, Adelaide


Completely natural, VEGAN and
ECO friendly… AND beautiful - thank you ECO minerals.

Kylie, Byron Bay