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Choosing the best mineral foundation for your skin type

Choosing the best mineral foundation for your skin type

Do you have dry or mature skin - or love a fresh, natural, dewy finish?

Read which eco minerals foundation is best for your skin.

When it comes to mineral foundation - some brands offer just one option.   But think about it - does skin come in just one type? ... And that is why we offer a matte (Flawless) and a fresh (Perfection) finish.  

If you have skin that without oiliness or dryness, that is, normal skin, then it is less important to have a specialised formulation - and if that is you - simply choose the finish you love the best - matte or fresh.

We found over the last decade of creating makeup that every skin LOVES that customers with skin that is dry, mature or has any fine lines or wrinkles dream makeup is one that is flattering.  One that makes skin look and feel hydrated and does not accentuate lines.

Well here it is - it is the pure mineral powder makeup that is made especially to protect your skin, even out skin tone and look very, very natural - eco minerals Perfection Foundation. 

What makes Perfection Foundation such a flattering foundation, that unlike many powder foundations, will not accumulate any fine lines or wrinkles or dryness.  We do not put talc, kaolin, cornstarch or rice powder in our mineral foundations because each of these ingredients can dry out skin and make dryness more visible.

Instead we use only the most pure, stable minerals that do not interact with the skin and do not upset any natural oils. Rather, our ingredients sit on the skin, keep hydration in and protect your skin from the sun.

Like all eco minerals products, Perfection Mineral Foundation is money back guaranteed and also available as a sample and an eco friendly refill.

If you do not LOVE this, please contact us for a replacement or refund - you choose.

TIP: apply and then wait for 20 minutes until the makeup blends in with your natural skin oils.  You will then see the all day look you will have.



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