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Inspiration for an eco friendly Christmas

Inspiration for an eco friendly Christmas

Who is looking to create an eco-friendly Christmas..or better still, a zero-waste festive season?  I recently read a quote reminding me that we can not buy our way out of consumerism, that is, we can not simply keep buying loads of things, but try and buy eco-friendly and plastic-free.

How do you feel about Christmas and buying gifts?  I love Christmas - some of the magic I experienced as a child is still there and gathering with family is a precious time of coming together.  I have found a way of keeping the magic and thoughtfulness of gifts and delicious food - we have a minimal Christmas with all vegan food.

Many years ago, the adults in our family decided to do a Secret Santa - we all buy one present valued at $30 and it needs to be biodegradable or no-waste.  We still buy for the children.  One year we had no gifts and we purchased a charity donation for each family member to represent something they believed in.  Our family chose to have a gift each to open on Christmas day.

Giving and receiving gifts is lovely - and each year there are more and more eco-friendly and conscious gift ideas - also the opportunity to get creative and make some gifts.

If you wish to give an eco minerals gift - you can purchase a gift certificate or otherwise - choose products that suit almost every skin.  Indian Summer eye shadow, eco exotic bronzer, white light illuminate and Alchemy Hi-Light creme are all amazing options.

As with all purchases from eco minerals, our 60 day LOVE IT guarantee will make sure the lucky recipients of eco minerals gifts will have the opportunity to get a replacement product or refund if they do not find the product perfect for their skin.

If you are looking for some more eco-friendly gifts - check out the link below from @biomestores








Now, offered here (not to be the Grinch - but just inspire us to be thoughtful...)


Here are some interesting facts on the waste created at Christmas time.

  • Australians are now collectively spending around $11 billion a year on Christmas gifts.2
  • Aussies receive over 20 million unwanted gifts at Christmas time.3
  • 86% of Aussies find Christmas puts a strain on their finances, with buying Christmas gifts reported as the major cause (66%) of this pressure.3
  • Australians use more than 150,000km of wrapping paper during Christmas – enough to wrap around Earth’s equator nearly 4 times.4
  • In Australia alone, over 5 million tonnes of food ends up as landfill each year – enough to fill 9,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.5
  • Throwing away one burger wastes the same amount of water as a 90-minute shower.5
  • 90% of Aussies usually discard over 25% of their food during the festive period (December 1 – January 1).6

Gorgeous picture with gifts wrapped in red from @ecowarriorprincess - along with a suggestion of eco-friendly gifts.

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