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Which eco minerals foundation is perfect for you?

Which eco minerals foundation is perfect for you?

Flawless or Perfection mineral foundation

Which one is the best for your skin?

eco minerals have two types of pure mineral foundation powder - flawless and perfection.  This article talks about Flawless Foundation.  Find out about Perfection Foundation in the next article.

Flawless is a mineral powder that is made especially to combat shine - which supports both the look and health of skin with oiliness.  How does this product do this safely, keeping the balance and integrity of your skin?

There is one natural ingredient - that works best only for skin with oiliness.  This ingredient is Kaolin clay - and it must be used in the perfect quantity to have ideal effects for your skin.

This ingredient is simple and yet really effective.  It binds and absorbs excess oil and holds it tight, making sure your skin looks and feels clear.  At the end of the day, when you wash your skin - it washes off.  It is just like blotting your skin throughout the day to remove excess oil.

The benefits of this are skin that is not shiny throughout the day and skin that does not get clogged from excessive oil.

So there is your choice - for skin that has oiliness or anyone loving a matte finish - Flawless Foundation is for you.

Our next article tells you about Perfection Foundation and why this is ideal for skin with dryness, fine lines or wrinkles - OR anyone loving a fresh, dewy finish.

Pic used with thanks from @ecoboutiquenz


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