60 day colour match and money back guarantee

We want you to LOVE and feel great about every eco minerals purchase.  We have been selling beautiful cosmetics since 2007.  Here is our guarantee and how it works.

"Use any eco minerals product for up to 60 days, risk-free and if for any reason whatsoever you are not completely satisfied, simply return the product for a FULL refund."

  • If it doesn’t match your skin colour...
  • it doesn't suit your skin
  • it doesn't feel amazing on your skin
  • it doesn't give you the look you love
  • Or even if you just change your mind...
eco minerals is the only Vegan, eco friendly makeup in the world that is money back and colour match guaranteed. We have been selling our beautiful products since 2007 and are passionate about customers LOVING every eco minerals product they purchase.

Use our famous COLOUR CHOOSER to find your perfect match!

60 day guarantee

What to do if you need a refund or new colour:

If you are not happy with the look, colour, performance or anything else about your eco minerals purchase, please fill out the contact form and let us know:

  • what you have purchased
  • why it is not perfect for you
  • where you purchased it from

You do not need to take it back to the retailer - eco minerals will help you directly.

We will then work out the best way to make you happy (replacement product, different colour or a refund) Please do not send your product back unless requested.