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eco minerals is committed to minimising impact of our products on this beautiful Planet.  eco minerals is also certified and approved as palm oil free by Palm Oil Investigations who lead the way in thorough auditing of companies.

eco minerals is committed to minmal waste and have created eco refill sachets for most powder products and minimal packaging for lipsticks.


  • Flawless and Perfection mineral foundation
  • Mineral bronzer and blush
  • White Light Illuminate         

Remember to keep your eco minerals jar and fill up with an eco refill. These are available in stockists and online. Shipping is always FREE for orders that only contain eco refills. FIND OUT MORE

More ways we are eco friendly

  • we ship in biodegradable shipping bags
  • Palm Oil free - completely!
  • all packing and shipping is re-used or biodegradable
  • sample sachets are plastic free
  • we manufacture within Australia
  • we dont have excessive brochures or print invoices unless requested
  • we have minimal packing on all products - no boxes, cartons etc

How to use eco refills

When you finish or are running low on your eco minerals foundation, bronzer, blush or White Light illuminate, keep your jar and order a refill. It's best to use up all of your product, so your jar is empty, and then top up with your eco refill. Simply prise the top sifter part of the jar up with your finger nails or carefully with a butter knife (not a sharp knife). Lift the sifter bit by bit, moving around the container (don't try and lift it right out from just one part). Make sure your jar is clean and dry - there is no need to wash it unless it looks dirty). Now unpack your eco refill to reveal the clear cellophane sachet. Cut the tip off one of the corners and gently tap the refill sachet to fill up your jar.