Here are the answers to the questions we are most often asked. Let us know if you have more questions.

Q Why is Eco Minerals so amazing?

Eco Minerals is a pure mineral makeup that is so popular it is money back and colour match guaranteed. We have been making amazing, pure, Vegan cosmetics since 2007 and are delighted to offer these guarantees so you are always happy with your Eco Minerals purchases.

Q Is Eco Minerals pure minerals - are there any fillers?

Eco Minerals foundations are pure minerals - this means they feel light on your skin and still offer amazing coverage. Every ingredient we use is for the benefit of your skin - to create high performance products that support and protect your skin whilst being light and breathable. The pure minerals offer a great SPF - read more below.

Q Does Eco Minerals have an SPF?

Minerals cover the skin and reflect UVA and UVB rays - this is an ideal non- chemical sun protection. Mineral foundations have an SPF of 24+.

Q Is Eco Minerals organic?

Eco Mineral is made with pure minerals - ground up rocks. Because these are not grown, like fruit and vegetables, for example, they can not be certified organic. If we wanted to have our products certified organic, they would need to contain 70% of an ingredient like rice powder or corn starch. This would lose the value of the minerals and the makeup would not feel light, give great coverage and would be irritating to the skin and lose the SPF 24. When it comes to mineral powder - certified organic is not best.

Q Does Eco Minerals contain mica and is this fair trade?

Yes, we do use high quality mica in our products as this is a beautiful rock/mineral that offers beautiful luminous qualities. We use ingredients that are ethically sourced and are not produced by child labour. Our minerals come from Australia where possible, and if not available, Europe or the US. Our mica (like all ingredients) is free of nano particles and the most pure cosmetic grade mica available. It is not coated in any artificial dyes or colourings. Many people who think they react to mica can wear Eco Minerals. Read below if you have sensitive skin.

Q Is Eco Minerals suited to sensitive skin?

Eco Minerals is very gentle and most people can wear our product. Please do a patch test if you have sensitive skin and very sensitive skin - please consult your skin therapist if you are unsure. Samples are available if you'd like to try before you buy. Even if you have reacted to other mineral makeups - customers almost always can wear Eco Minerals.

Q Will Eco Minerals look flattering on mature skin?

We have made our Perfection Foundation to be flattering on mature skin. It will not accentuate lines and wrinkles or look dry on your skin. If you are not getting an amazing look on your skin, let us know and we can help. Your Eco Minerals will look even more beautiful 30 minutes after application as it blends with the natural oils in your skin.

Q Is Eco Minerals Vegan and Cruelty free?

Yes YES, infinitely YES. We always have been and always will be cruelty free and Vegan. We are passionate about raising awareness of a cruelty free lifestyle and encourage customers to check their other beauty and household products to ensure they are cruelty free.

Q How is Eco Minerals eco-friendly?

Eco Minerals use only pure ingredients which is healthy for the environment in manufacture and we use abundant, ethically sourced minerals. We use minimal packaging and offer eco refills for all mineral foundations, bronzers and blush. We pack orders in biodegradable packing and avoid plastic where ever we can in production and shipping.

Q Is Eco Minerals completely natural?

Yes Eco Minerals uses only 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality.

Q Where is Eco minerals made?

Eco Minerals is made in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia.

Q Does Eco Minerals contain nano particles?

Eco Minerals products do not contain nano particles.

Q Where can I buy Eco Minerals?

Eco Minerals is available online and in stockists across Australia - check our stockist link in the menu to find your closest retailer.

Q What do I do if my colour isn't right?

Your Eco Minerals products - whether purchased online or in store, are 100% colour match guaranteed. Contact us via email with details of your product purchased and comments about colour (too yellow, too dark etc). We will then organise a replacement for you. Don't send your product back and please keep your jar as your replacement will be an eco refill sachet of the correct colour.

Q How do I apply my Eco Minerals foundation?

Check our YouTube channel - links on top of page - for product application tips and tutorials.

Q Can I visit your outlet store in Byron Bay?

Our factory is open Monday to Friday 9am until 4pm, but not set up as a retail. We are able to sell you products just make sure you bring cash. You are welcome to call by and pick up free samples any time. We are not set up to do makeovers.