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The Purity Of Natural Mineral Foundation Makeup

The best mineral makeup ingredients are completely natural. They are taken from the Earth and then cleaned to remove harmful impurities that can occur naturally within them. They are then ground into the fine, pure powders the world is coming to love. There are five main ingredients, plus Kaolin which deserves a mention because of the wonderful good it can do for oily, damaged and sensitive skins. These gifts to the world of beauty are:

Iron Oxides Titanium Oxides Zinc Oxide
Mica Silica (Kaolin Clay)

Now we know the basic ingredients in our mineral foundations let's have a look at some of their natural qualities. The minerals used in makeup have different properties, these are:

Absorbency Colours are long lasting, water and skin-oil resistant
Adhesion Bonds well with your skin
Coverage Covers blemishes and scatters light
Healing Helps to improve some skin conditions
Lustre or Opacity Brilliancy or sheen
Matte Not reflecting light, not glossy
Soft Focus Colours blend gently and easily with each other
Slip Feels comfortable when applying and wearing
Translucent Can be almost invisible when applied
Ultra Violet Protection Titanium Oxides
Oil Control Absorbs and helps control oily skin

As you can see, by combining these different ingredients we can produce the ideal foundation for your skin and life style. If you have an oily skin, we can add a little more silica or kaolin. All of these ingredients have good absorbency so you will always have a foundation that does not smear or run and which is long-lasting. All of them except Mica will give you a good cover for any blemishes and are healing for your skin. The point to remember is that we can adjust mixtures to suit your skin-type, mood, lifestyle and thus perfectly present you, whatever you will be doing. Please come and talk to us about any particular requirement you might have, we love talking about our products and how they can help you.

<tr >Titanium
Clay<tr ><p >AbsorbencyYesYesYesYesYes<tr >AdhesionYesYesYesYes<tr >CoverageYesYesYesYes<tr >HealingYesYesYesYes<tr >Lustre/OpacityYes<tr >MatteYesYesYesYes<tr >Soft FocusYes<tr >SlipYesYesYes<tr >TranslucentYesYes<tr >UVPYesYesYesYes<tr >Oil ControlYesYes

For example, take our mineral foundation with an SPF of 15. This will give you great protection against the sun's harmful UV rays and good coverage for any imperfections. This foundation will make your skin look brighter and feel softer and is available in many shades ranging from dark to light so you can be sure of getting one that perfectly matches your skin tone.

Or try our 4 in 1 formula which contains a mineral makeup concealer, SPF 15 protection, foundation and powder all in one.  It has very smooth texture for good slip that feels great and provides full coverage to your skin. It is also free of irritants and is vegan friendly.

You may have noticed that iron oxide is missing from the list, this is because iron oxides are mainly used for colouring to produce warm, earthy colours and tones; reds, browns, yellows and orange. Mixed together in different quantities these minerals can produce every colour from black and browns to greens and yellows. To support these gentle and healing crystals and to mix them into vibrant and bright colours Eco Minerals also use Ultramarine Blue, derived from luxurious Lapis Lazuli.

Frequently asked questions on Mineral Makeup Australia

If you have just started using mineral makeup or are interested in trying then please ask us for help. We want you to better understand what mineral makeup is all about and the benefits you will enjoy from using them. We want to give you the information you need to make your own informed choice.

Here are some of the questions frequently asked about mineral makeup.

What are the ingredients that should be in a 100% mineral makeup brand?

It is not so much a question of what should be in your foundation and much more a question of what should be left out. Additives to avoid are parabens, synthetic colours, fragrances and propylene glycol to name just a few of the many additives that can cause rashes, spots and other nasty reactions.

You might have noticed on our labelling there are plus (+) and minus (-) signs. This simply indicates which of our minerals are in or out of a product. After all, not all of the mineral foundation ingredients have to be used in a particular mineral makeup. You might be looking for a product that is good for an oily skin, so look for a + next to Kaolin Clay or Silica.

What ingredients are safe for my skin if added to the basic ingredients?

Apart from the basic mineral foundation ingredients, there are other botanical or organic ingredients that can be added to our makeup and are safe and beneficial to your skin.

What ingredients can be unsafe when added in the mineral makeup?

Apart from the additives mentioned above, some people have reported having a irritant reaction when using mineral makeup that contains bismuth oxychloride as an ingredient. It is a very small proportion of people, but the reaction can be very upsetting.

Eco Minerals foundations are highly recommended for most skin types. If you have a very sensitive skin, we suggest you request a sample so you can test the product before paying the full price. We offer great deals on our samples and they are a good way to make sure you keep your skin in perfect condition. Just ask us for advice, we will be delighted to talk with you and listen to your concerns.

Are Nano-particles safe?

In many of the mineral makeup reviews there is a lot od discussion about the safety of nano-particles being used in mineral makeup. These particles are generally considered to be a potential health hazards. Good quality brands, including Eco Minerals completely avoid these potentially dangerous ingredients.

Eco Minerals Ease of Use?

With some other types of mineral foundation makeup you have to apply several layers in order to get the look you want. Eco Minerals' all natural products require much less quantity to achieve the same effect and produce a smoother and more glowing effect that is much more comfortable to wear. Many of our customers report that our foundation is so light they do not feel that they are wearing makeup at all.

Did you know that an Eco Minerals sifter jars are refillable? This news has been received with much joy among our customers. We offer a complete range of reasonably priced refills. Our makeup refills come in biodegradable packaging which can therefore easily be recycled. Eco Minerals are passionate about the quality of their organic mineral makeup and we only use high quality, biodegradable labels and the dyes we use are also eco friendly.

How pure is Mineral Makeup?

Only natural ingredients found in plant oils and waxes are used and we completely avoid chemicals. This ensures that you have a very low risk of having an allergic reaction or uncomfortable skin inflammation. Again, talk to us if you are concerned.

Cosmetic makeup that uses dangerous additives can cause problems, especially through continual, heavy use. Some of the side effects that have been linked to this include, hormonal dysfunction, infertility and even cancer in severe cases.

Mineral foundation ingredients do the opposite of some cosmetic makeup. They protect your skin. Natural mineral makeup blends happily with your skin and does not block your skin pores but allow them to breathe freely even with the makeup on.

Range of Eco Minerals Natural Makeup

In addition to our foundation products we also offer lip care products which are very safe and easy to wear and consist of all natural lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss. We also have a range of natural fragrances and perfumes as well as eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and nail care products.

We also have a great range of makeup tools and brushes for applying your makeup. These are manufactured using organic or natural materials such as bamboo. You therefore have a wide selection when shopping for mineral makeup.

How to Apply Mineral Makeup

Our staff are more than willing and able to show how to apply our fine products. It is important to know the right method of application to achieve the best look possible with mineral makeup. The following tips might prove useful.

  • Our makeup comes in a flat jar. We suggest you use the lid to cover your makeup brush, this saves waste and helps to produce a more even finish.
  • Use the largest brush you have, we recommend one of our Kabuki brushes, and swirl it around in the lid to get an even covering on the brush and to shake off excess tap the brush against the edges of the container.
  • Apply the makeup to your face using even, circular strokes. Repeat this process using your chosen blush, and remember, eye shadow should be applied using horizontal strokes.

Eco Minerals' Promise.

Eco Minerals' natural makeup has undergone intense research for many years in order to produce the perfect blend that will work wonders on your skin without harm. Our eco makeup is recommended by many dermatologists, especially for people with problem skin, rosacea and acne.

It is important to know what is in the makeup you are using. You may be horrified to discover that some of the ingredients in an eye shadow or mascara are harmful to your skin. We strongly advise you always to check all labelling very carefully when buying cosmetics. The industry is only lightly regulated and not all companies are entirely honest about exactly what is in their products.

Rest assured that Eco Minerals label their products honestly and when we say, for example, that our products are vegan-friendly, that means there are absolutely no animal materials in the product and no animals have be used for testing.

One of the best ways of protecting your skin is by trusting products from certified makeup companies. Eco Minerals use ingredients that are 100% natural and which you can trust to benefit and protect your complexion.

Our customers love Eco Minerals products and often tell us how happy they have been with the whole experience. Regardless of your skin tone and type, you can be sure that you will find the perfect makeup for your skin at Eco Minerals. If this is your first time using mineral cosmetics, the makeup samples from Eco Minerals are a great place to start, especially if you are unsure exactly which products are perfect for you.