people and products we love

People, pages and products we LOVE!

Here's a list of magical people and goodies and causes and why we love them...

Kate Nelson - The Plastic Free Mermaid 

Inspiration and informaiton about plastic - the impact on the precious Oceans and Earth..and how to use NO plastic.  Follow her instagram @plasticfreemermaid Kate is a Mermaid and i can verify this as i have been blessed to meet her in Byron Bay - keep an eye out for Kate's Mermaid Retreats.  Pic and quote below from Kate's instagram:

We are not fighting for the ocean. We are the ocean. 💙
We are not fighting to protect nature. We are nature. 💙
We are not standing up for the planet. We are the planet. 💙
There is no separation. 💙
Most of us are only just remembering this. 💙
What a wonderful thing to remember. 💙✨

Plastic Free Mermaid Kate Nelson

BIOME Eco Stores 

Shop online or around Brisbane in Biome stores for eco friendly, Vegan, ethical and zero waste goodies.  I LOVE their deodorant choices - my fav is Vegan and plastic free packaging.  Also home to the only eco dental floss i have ever seen!.

Everything Vegan / VEGAN ONLINE 

This is an online store with a shopfront in Adelaide offering a great array of vegan foods and wares.  You can purchase your eco minerals at their store and the best part is that all profits go to Freedom Hill Sanctuary.

ECO friendly, Vegan Floss  

The ECO FLoss - Available at BIOME  - Look after your teeth with this plant-based dental floss. Vegan friendly and plant based, this floss is made from PLA, a bioplastic made from cornstarch and is coated in candelilla wax for a smooth glide. 30m of mint flavoured floss.  This is not home compostable but it is the best i have found so far.