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eco minerals is 100% Guaranteed - or your money back.  This covers if the colour, feel or anything at all isn't perfect.  No questions asked.  So you can shop with confidence with our full size range.  If you prefer to sample, choose from our sample sachets or sample packs.

Perfection Foundation is a fresh, dewy finish - amazing on normal, dry and mature skins 
Flawless Foundation is a matte finish and is great for normal skin or skin with oiliness.

If you have a FREE SAMPLE coupon ... simply add a sample to your cart and use your coupon - this will give you the sample for free. If you'd like help choosing, please email info @

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  1. sample pack sample pack
    sample pack
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    Purchase a sample pack to experience ECO minerals best selling products. FREE SHIPPING!

    Samples are biodegradable sachets - enough for 2 applications of foundation.

    Choose DEWY/FRESH for a natural, fresh, flattering look - best for normal, dry or mature skin. Choose MATTE for a matte finish - controls oil and shine - best for normal, oily and combination skin

    Here are the contents of each pack:

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  2. $ 1 Sample $ 1 Sample
    $2 Foundation sample - we choose
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    Sample eco minerals famous mineral foundation with a sample chosen expecially for your skin.


    Simply choose the options so we can select your perfect colour and type of foundation.

    Experience the eco minerals magic - Vegan, 100% pure makeup so beautiufl it is 100% Colour Match and Money Back Guranteed.

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Natural Beauty from Mineral Makeup

Beauty, ah beauty. Is it in the eye of the beholder or in the heart of each of us? John Keats, the poet, wrote,

'Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.'

Mineral makeup comes naturally from the Earth. It is not some chemical fabrication from a factory, but a simple part of where we all belong. Mineral based makeup binds naturally and happily with our skin; it protects us and heals us; and creates a true radiance that speaks of health and happiness. Why ever should we deny ourselves that luxury? That joy?

Please don't cover your delicate skin in the chemicals and products of profit, waste and greed. Take a gentler, kinder road. A road more suited to the compassionate mind of a woman: a road that offers healing and care. A gentle road that echoes the good hearts of all our mothers. A path that welcomes the memory of their returning smiles in today's harsh and burning light.

Beauty is not a perfect complexion; beauty is not a "young skin"; beauty is most certainly not the most expensive makeup money can buy, no, no, no. Beauty is a glow that comes from confidence and a knowledge that what we try to do is good; that what we try to do is right and never mind who might gainsay our heart's wish, our heart's certainty. Beauty glows from the peace and love in our heart.

There is much discussion today about the benefits of mineral makeup which is why we here at Eco Minerals are more than happy to send you our very reasonably priced samples so you can try them for yourself. One of the most frequent comments made is that our customers feel they are not even wearing makeup when they use it. They also remark how they need to use only a small amount to get their desired effect. They also comment about how good it is for their sensitive skin; how it can help control an acne-prone complexion and how long-lasting and good it is in hot, humid and wet places.

All Eco Mineral products come with a guarantee and a very smooth and prompt money back guarantee. Order a sample today and join the growing revolution of women who know how to get the best from their complexion and at the same time care for our beautiful planet.

Come and talk to us here at Eco Minerals, whatever your question you will receive a warm welcome.

The Health Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup offers the following benefits:

  • Screens the sun: Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide both of which are sun blockers are common ingredients found in most mineral makeup products. If you are spending the day on the beach the protection will not be as effective as a high SPF factor product, the protection it gives is perfectly good for everyday "out and about" use.
  • Prevents clogging of pores: one of the major benefits is that it does not clog skin pores. Since mineral makeup binds to oil and not water, it adheres to the skin’s natural oil thus preventing the makeup from seeping into the pores of the skin. This allows the skin to breathe naturally and therefore helps to prevent skin flare-ups and the aggravation of an acne condition. Additionally the makeup’s ability to bind with oil makes any mineral cosmetic water resistant thus preventing unsightly smudging when users are exposed to water.
  • Helps alleviate acne and spots: Mineral makeup is often recommended for people with sensitive skin, because it is soothing to the skin and has little or no potential irritants. The makeup even helps to alleviate or cure some skin conditions. A good number of acne sufferers and people prone to skin breakouts have reported a very welcome improvement in their skin condition even after prolonged use of mineral makeup products.

The Importance of Testing Before Buying

Given these benefits of mineral makeup over conventional makeup, including the health benefits of using organic cosmetics, your next step should be to try our products on your unique complexion. When buying organic makeup, it is important to pay careful attention to the labelling on the packaging (see our page on Vegan products for tips). This is because some cosmetic products may be listed as mineral makeup yet will still contain some harmful ingredients. Carefully examining the labels is the only way to be sure that the products do not contain any harmful substances, although not all brands are completely honest in their labelling.

Another equally important step to take when looking to purchase any type of makeup is to test any product before buying, which is why we offer our samples at such reasonable prices. Some cosmetic users may buy the wrong shade of foundation, lip balm, or concealer. These products end up discarded in a bottom drawer and might only have been used the once, despite having cost a significant amount of money. Alternatively, other customers might buy cosmetics that cause skin irritations, forcing them to throw them out. A person who samples makeup before buying can avoid these kinds of situations. By testing you can avoid wasting money on the wrong product and save yourself from adverse skin reactions. Unfortunately, you cannot just open a tube of lipstick and try it out at a store, but you can test your cosmetics by ordering one of our makeup samples.

There are many stores and websites offering mineral makeup, and who will provide samples of their cosmetics, particularly when promoting new products. So finding samples of the makeup you want to buy is not necessarily too difficult. Try as much as possible to choose websites that, like Eco Minerals, offer makeup samples free shipping services. You can also register with us and request to be sent samples whenever Eco Minerals introduce a new product. The good thing about cosmetic samples is that they are low cost, thus allowing you to try out a variety of makeup products without spending too much.

How to Test Mineral Makeup Products

Shopping for cosmetics can be confusing because of the huge range of products available. Ordering mineral makeup samples and knowing the proper way of testing them, you can easily identify what works for your skin type, tone, and facial features and identify which products are best avoided. Here are a few tips on how to test products before buying:

  • Testing for suitability: Performing a suitability test is probably the most important step to take before buying any makeup product, especially if you have a particularly sensitive skin or a problem with your complexion. This is best done by performing a patch test, which can be done on the inside of your elbow or wrist.
    Simply take the sample makeup of the product you intend to test and rub it on a thoroughly cleaned patch of skin. Avoid wetting or washing the area for 24hours. Look out for any allergic reactions such as redness, swelling, rashes, irritation, soreness, a burning sensation, or itching. If there is no reaction then you can safely add the product to your makeup collection.
  • Checking for skin tone: To check whether a bronzer, concealer, foundation, or blusher matches your skin tone, rub a bit of the product on to your neck or on the inner side of your wrist or arm.
    Choose products that match your skin tone as they will look more natural. As you compare colours, keep in mind that colours ranging from pink to beige look good on a fair skin, while darker tones look good with tones like copper, bronze, and chocolate. Medium skin tones look good with neutral colours. While these tips will help you choose your most ideal colour, feel free to experiment with other colours, it can be fun.
  • Testing lip products: To test a lipstick, lip-gloss, or lip balm, apply a small amount of the product on your fingertips and standing in a bright, naturally lit place. Tilt your hand back and forth several times to check how the colour looks from all angles.
    Choose colours that look great in the light. Generally, a matte finish will appear as a deeper colour when compared to glossy finishes. These are often lighter and shinier, but a lot will depend on your particular lip colour and tone. To test the texture of lip products, rub your fingertips together and feel the consistency of the product. Avoid products that are either too sticky or too runny.
  • Testing eye makeup products: When choosing a mascara, it is advisable to go for products with lash thickening and lengthening features. Black usually works on all eye colours but experiment, see what looks good on you and what colours might reflect your changing mood. If you do wish to experiment we would say some good colours to try are blues, purples, and greens. Choose a colour that complements your eyes.
    For eyeliners, choose a waterproof product or, when choosing a pencil, one with a non-oily tip. To test eyeliners and mascaras, apply a small amount of the sample product on the back of your hand, wait for it to dry, and then try smudging it. Avoid products that smudge, because that is the last thing anyone wants. Your eyelids do have natural creases and a good eye shadow should have the capacity to resist creasing after applying. When testing eye shadow mineral makeup samples apply some of the product to the inner side of your wrist or the back of your hand. Flex your wrists several times and then check for creases. A little creasing is fine; however, the product should not get stuck inside the creases.

Why Choose Eco Minerals

If you are looking for where to buy makeup samples, Eco Minerals is the place to be. We are a genuinely Australian company and we offers a variety of mineral makeup products ranging from foundation to blusher and eye shadows to bronzers. The products come in a wide variety of colours so finding a colour that suits your skin tone is not difficult. Please feel free to ask our advice, we delight in sharing our knowledge. The best thing about our samples is that they are easy on your purse and will provide you with at least three applications.

If you live in Australia or New Zealand and wish to start using mineral makeup, please consider shopping at Eco Minerals. We suggest this for two main reasons, our exceptional quality and our reasonable prices, however for all our Australian and New Zealand Eco Minerals offer makeup samples free shipping. Quality is guaranteed as all our products have been manufactured using only natural occurring minerals and are thoroughly tested to ensure high performance. You need not worry about experiencing any adverse side effects, especially if you have a chat with us first.

Our customers love Eco Minerals products and often tell us how happy they have been with the whole experience. Regardless of your skin tone and type, you can be sure that you will find the perfect makeup for your skin at Eco Minerals. If this is your first time using mineral cosmetics, the makeup samples Australia from Eco Minerals are a great place to start, especially if you are unsure exactly which products are perfect for you.

And lastly, Eco Mineral can send make up samples Australia to anyone living outside Australia. We are pleased to offer international shipping at very competitive prices. Buying your cosmetic samples from Eco Minerals enables you to enjoy low shipping prices not offered by other websites supplying such excellent quality, organic cosmetics.

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Great product!!! Love the finish and how
minimal you have to use to get an even coverage.

Larisa, Mildura


Great product! i love how just a tiny amount
gives coverage i want.

Leanne, Potts Point


I am in love with ECO minerals. The best mineral make up I have ever used It's beautiful!

Libby, Newcastle


Great cover but also a very natural look
and quick and easy to apply.

Nadine, Hobart


Finally a product my sensitive
skin can wear - amazing finish.

Belinda, Broome


Fantastic service - colour
match guarantee much appreciated - thank you!

Linda, Darwin


I am really happy with the finish,
coverage and how long foundation wears - very impressed!

Gabrielle, Adelaide


Completely natural, VEGAN and
ECO friendly… AND beautiful - thank you ECO minerals.

Kylie, Byron Bay