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eco minerals is the world's favourite eco friendly and vegan natural cosmetic. Created to look flawless on your skin, protect it from the sun and to feel light and amazing. All eco minerals products are backed by our Colour Match and Money Back guarantee.

eco minerals vegan cosmetic range

eco minerals was started in 2007 by two friends in Australia - Lulu and Amber. They wanted to create their dream product that out performed top beauty products and had the ethics they believed in - to be cruelty free, Vegan, eco friendly, pure ingredients, minimal packaging and affordable. Today, eco minerals is run by Lulu & Michael and a team of magical people in beautiful Byron Bay. Read more about the eco store below


  • 100% pure minerals
  • Available in matte or dewy finish
  • Suits all skin colours and types         

Pure mineral makeup, like eco minerals, has an SPF of 24FIND OUT MORE

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ECO friendly, Vegan and Cruelty Free

Making amazing products whilst caring for the Earth and our animal friends was a key part of creating eco minerals. Here are some words from Lulu about the eco minerals story.

"When we started eco minerals i had no business experience - i just loved beauty products and new what i wanted in a brand. I had a background in science and conservation and a belief that everything is possible."

"I was inspired by the first mineral bronzer i ever used and thought - finally a natural makeup product that out performs chemical products that are often tested on animals. Up until i found minerals i felt like by choosing the natural, cruelty free brands i was not getting the products that looked the best on my skin. I was so happy and inspired i checked out the ingredient list and decided that this would be simple enough to make and didn't need to be so expensive. My research lead us to the leading manufactures and the highest quality, most pure, ethically sourced minerals."

The start of eco minerals

"We took this bronzer and started selling it to friends and from then added more and more products to the range we have today. It was my mission to have a makeup that was beautiful for every skin type, colour and complexion. We had a culture of making sure everyone purchasing was super happy with their products. We didnt make much money - we just realised how beautiful the products looked and felt and how almost everyone who tried them loved them."

Our customer service - inspired by selling to our friends

Once all of our friends and family were wearing eco minerals, Lulu decided to make a website. "i was a single mum with a 2 year old daughter and no expertise in i borrowed a book on how to write HTML computer code and wrote a website - working on it late each night whilst my daughter coco was asleep. I didnt realise i could've used something like shopify :)) I felt like i really connected with my beloved customers and really took care to make sure all the colours and products were perfect for everyone's skin - personally choosing samples and emailing each customer. Now we are a bit big to talk directly to all of our customers - so i have put the questions i used to ask in to a free app (available on our website, and free downloads for iphone and android.

One of the most wonderful things is that we are able to offer our full colour match and money back guarantee for all eco minerals products. This makes us really happy and proud to offer such amazing products and caring service."

Are you new to ECO minerals?

We've created sample sachets of most products so you can try before you buy. These samples are packaged in cellophane and paper to avoid plastic use. Samples are available for mineral foundation, mineral bronzer, mineral blush, eye and brow colour and White Light Illuminate. FIND OUT MORE

You can also choose a sample pack to suit your skin type (just choose fair, medium, tanned and dry, oily or normal and we have packed all the best sellers for your skin type in a sample pack.

eco minerals is available in all amazing healthfood, wholefood stores and beautiful spas across Australia and we are beginning to be found in magical stores across the world!

Check our stockist page to find your closest store or find eco minerals online.

The future

We are committed to keeping the products amazing and of the highest quality whilst offering our dazzling customer service and guarantees.

Lulu's big vision is to start an animal sanctuary and advocate cruelty free living in the beautiful Byron Bay shire.

She currently lives in Mullumbimby with her beloved daughter Coco and in her spare time cares for a small herd of horses - mostly rescues, and various other furry friends. Lulu's business partner, Michael works remotely with his family whilst doing aid work in Burma.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

  • all eco minerals products are Vegan (free of animal products)
  • all eco minerals products are Cruelty Free - not tested on animals
  • all eco minerals foundations are available in plastic free eco refill sachets         

We encourage you to check the CCF (Choose Cruelty Free) list and make sure all beauty & household products you choose are cruelty free. FIND OUT MORE



Great product!!! Love the finish and how
minimal you have to use to get an even coverage.

Larisa, Mildura


Great product! i love how just a tiny amount
gives coverage i want.

Leanne, Potts Point


I am in love with ECO minerals. The best mineral make up I have ever used It's beautiful!

Libby, Newcastle


Great cover but also a very natural look
and quick and easy to apply.

Nadine, Hobart


Finally a product my sensitive
skin can wear - amazing finish.

Belinda, Broome


Fantastic service - colour
match guarantee much appreciated - thank you!

Linda, Darwin


I am really happy with the finish,
coverage and how long foundation wears - very impressed!

Gabrielle, Adelaide


Completely natural, VEGAN and
ECO friendly… AND beautiful - thank you ECO minerals.

Kylie, Byron Bay