No fillers, parabens, chemical preservatives, or palm oil. Just 100% pure natural minerals.
Benefits of Mineral Makeup Makeup and the art of cosmetics have been around for quite sometime. If you thought that cosmetics were a modern thing, then you couldn’t be more mistaken. The history of makeup dates back to early civilisations; when the art was not the exclusive domain of women. In those days, the art of cosmetics was associated with the rich and people of the higher classes within society. In recent times, this notion has certainly changed and makeup once generally perceived as predominately for the consumption of women is shifting - men and products for men is growing as is the acceptance of their use within the male culture. What about mineral makeup? Mineral Makeup is part of a cosmetics revolution that happened in the 1970s and has since taken a large slice of the beauty products market; 40 years down the line, chemical based products still control the cosmetics market. Even though the chemical products are not so natural their commercialisation and marketing make them a dominant product - but the idea behind mineral makeup is the use of naturally occurring ingredients in the manufacture of the products; products that are safe, and even beneficial to the skin The benefits of the mineral products are not just for beauty purposes, they are also used for medical purposes. Globally, dermatologists recommend the use of these products for patients with sensitive skins types and those with acne rosacea and acne-prone skins. A host of companies have ventured into the production and sale of mineral makeup. Some of the popular mineral makeup brands in the market include but are not limited to: Sephora, SheerCover, BareMinerals, PurMinerals and Iredale. Even though all these products are mineral cosmetics products and are meant to provide different skin solutions, their basic composition is more or less the same and a pure mineral makeup with no fillers is based on the safe natural ingredients: Iron oxide, Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, Mica and for oily skin, Kaolin clay. Some brands add fillers to these minerals or other harmful ingredients. ECO minerals avoid all fillers that detract from the performance of the product or that may irritate the skin. These ingredients include: Bismuth oxychloride, Magnesium stearate, Talc, Silica, Sericite, and many more. The cosmetic products vary in their basic composition based on the issue they are intended to address; whether the skin is oily, dry or needs moisturising. However, making a choice of the best mineral makeup product is a difficult one. Consumers are slowly becoming aware of the harmful side effects that are associated with the use of chemical products on the skin. This is leading to people globally shying away from the use of chemical cosmetic products and embracing mineral products; products with no side effects on the various skin types of consumers globally. What makes the products even more popular is the fact that the products work well, even for people with various skin conditions. The different base ingredients used in the production of these mineral cosmetic products work differently, hence the reason why they are used in combination with one another in the production of the makeup products. The Zinc oxide and the Titanium oxide have sunscreen properties that ensure the skin is adequately protected from sunburn during the sunny summer season; The Kaolin clay is instrumental in the absorption of the skin fats, refining of the skin pores and the clearance of skin breakouts (This is the reason as to why the Kaolin clay is popular in cosmetic products that are meant for oily skins); Mica is popular in ‘anti-aging’ cosmetic products. They feel silky to the skin and they reflect the light off the skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles and pores. Since the base products are all similar in all cosmetic products, there are additives that are added to differentiate the product from one company to another. These include such products as: Dyes, pigments and other minerals. The various companies dealing in the products have unique blends to their products to differentiate them from the rest; aiming at gaining that competitive edge in the cosmetic product market. The companies use different unique blends of coloured Micas and Iron oxides to pigment their cosmetic products. The mineral makeup market consists of: Dermatologists, Skin Care Specialists, Doctors and celebrities as well as everyday women that have become informed of the benefits of the mineral products and the harmful effects of using chemical cosmetic products on their skins. The pricing of the mineral makeup products is also different. With brand names comes different pricing. The base ingredients used in the production of the different products also affects the final price of the product in question. With prices from as low as $10 for a product, with others going for prices higher than $50; the loose powder products that are applied using blushes rule the market with their popularity ever increasing – mineral makeup foundation. These powder products are light and finely ground, making their absorption into the skin faster as they are applied by fluffy brushes. Debates on whether the mineral cosmetic products are the solution to the skin beauty problems or not continue to hit the headlines; even so, the products’ popularity is on the increase and judging by the trends and accessibility of the products globally, the mineral cosmetic products will definitely be around for a while longer! The mineral make up revolution was born in the 1970s, it provided women with a chemical free option to the enhancement of the skin beauty; a welcome idea considering the harmful effects that had been documented from the use of the chemical cosmetic products in the market. The best mineral makeup products were free of dangerous chemical ingredients or preservatives that were present in the traditional cosmetic products. Benefits of mineral make up for Rosacea (sensitive skin) Women with sensitive skin-also referred to as Rosacea, derive a host of benefits from the use of mineral makeup. Mineral cosmetic products offer women of all skin types with a variety of benefits; for those with an oily skin, there is a powdered product that is free of oil, for the dry-skinned one, formulations rich in Zinc oxide ensure that their skin is protected from drying up. The products also ensure that the sin maintains that natural appeal as well as balancing of the natural oils on the skin – organic mineral makeup The number one cause of dry skin is blocked skin pores. The traditional forms of cosmetics did not do much to alleviate the problem. If anything, they added to it because the traditional forms of beauty products adhered to the skin like a mask hence blocking the skin pores leading to a dry skin. Mineral cosmetic products need not use any fragrance or preservatives that are common in the traditional cosmetic products. This ensures that women are protected from the harmful effects of the preservatives or possible allergic reactions to the preservatives. The most preferred treatment for women suffering with Rosacea is Zinc oxide, one of the base components of mineral products. With the incredible benefits that the Zinc oxide accrues to the skin, imagining the benefits of mineral products is obvious. It is therefore important to know which products are good for your skin and which products aren’t. In determining the case, inspecting the ingredients list of every skin care product is crucial. It is important to avoid products with added preservatives or ones with fragrance additives. To ensure that you pick products that will protect you from sunscreen, it is imperative that products that are rich in Zinc oxide Titanium oxide are used – health conscious consumers prefer a product that is free from Nano particles. For better glow and that youthful glow, go for products that avoid Kaolin, talc, magnesium stearate and are high in mica. The mineral products and the way they work is no magic really, they tend to blend in with the skin and the skin’s natural oils and work in complementary fashion. Most of the minerals also contain light reflecting properties that ensure that the skin is protected from the harmful sun rays. They also enhance the natural look. The advantage of using mineral make ups Skin conditions are a major hindrance to most women in wearing make up. For many women, makeup is the actual cause for their skin troubles, as the makeup aggravates the problem. This doesn’t have to be the case; you can still apply makeup even though you have a skin condition. What you need is mineral makeup. The makeup does not just accommodate or conceal the problem, but it can help to improve the skin condition - for some with chronic skin issue it assists in helping them accept and enable them to live their lives with greater self-confidence. Traditional chemical makeup is known to clog the pores and aggravate acne - a problem that mineral makeup addresses to perfection. The makeup infuses with the natural skin oils just beneath the skin and work in complementary fashion. This ensures that the skin does not react to the makeup and therefore no side effects. The makeup is able to do this because of its basic composition - naturally occurring organic minerals that we interact with on a daily basis. For some women, the wearing of makeup can cause distress and a sense of apprehension. These women have grown to dislike the look and feel of makeup. Mineral makeup also addresses both of these problems as it has both a natural look and feel to the wearer and therefore, compliments the natural look and keeps out of the way of your normal skin functions – avoiding the gaudy and layering effect of chemical based cosmetics. The natural comfortable feel is due to the natural pigments that are used in the formulation of these products - ranging from Zinc oxide, Iron oxide, Mica as well as Titanium Dioxide. Wearing and use of mineral cosmetics allows your skin to develop and breath naturally, avoiding the side effects that are associated with traditional chemical makeups such as wrinkles, dryness and spots after using the products for a while. That is not all, for people living in high humidity environments, mineral makeup works perfectly for them too. It allows the skin to breath, hence allowing more natural growth, one can actually swim with the makeup on as the makeup is irritation free and actually helps soothe irritated skin. The mineral makeup is water resistant and keeps way from blocking pores, unlike traditional makeup that are known to clog the pores and irritate the skin. Mineral products are also excellent retainers of moisture hence help keep the skin supple and soft. The Zinc oxide also allows the mineral product to be used immediately after peeling. This is possible because of the anti-inflammatory nature of the Zinc oxide on the skin. Since mineral cosmetic products contain no preservative their shelf life is longer. This translates to less cost as the products can be used for longer, as well in multi purpose ways – mineral makeup foundation. The same product can be used on the lips, eyes, cheeks and nails. Talk of ‘anti-aging’ properties, which certainly interest many people. Maintaining that young look is everybody’s dream. Well, mineral makeup allows to retain that dream, they get help in minimising wrinkles, enabling your skin to keep that youthful fresh natural look and shine. Mineral makeup can be described as a one solution for skin problems. Its manufacture doesn’t include preservatives or fragrances that are known to be sensitizers and irritants to some skins. The products are also known to keep bacteria off your skin. They are gentle as they do not inflame the skin and they are especially recommended for acne-prone patients because of their bacteria-free nature. The makeup is literally weightless as well as invisible because of its ability to fuse with the human skin completely. Even with these features, it helps you to maintain a ‘makeup-free’ look. That is not all, their coverage is long lasting and the skin maintains a smooth and even look but still leaves you feeling as though you aren’t wearing any makeup! However, the biggest misunderstanding that often causes critics of mineral cosmetic products to criticise the product is the fact that most companies dealing in the products will claim that the mineral products are more ‘natural’ than conventional makeup. This is not entirely true. In fact, the only difference between traditional makeup and mineral makeup is what has been left out in the production of the mineral products. Most of the skin irritants and sensitive stuff has been left out making the mineral products the preferred choice for people with sensitive skins, those with various skin conditions as well as acne-prone skins. Ecominerals is the leading retailer of mineral makeup in Australia because we understand all your skin needs, and we provide you with just that. 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