If you have sensitive skin, you know the importance of choosing gentle products. These are usually 100% natural and free from preservatives, fragrances and other additives. The beauty of high quality mineral make up is that it can soothe your skin and is almost certain not to cause any irritation or agitation to your skin.

We are so confident your skin will LOVE eco minerals, that we have a 60 day Colour Match and Money Back Guarantee. You can also purchase samples. If your skin is highly sensitive, we recommend trying any new products with a patch test or with the guidance of your skin care professional. It is also important to choose high quality minerals as some minerals are coated in synthetic colours and dyes.

eco minerals is created with 100% natural and highest quality, gentle, pure minerals available in the world.


What’s the Best Makeup for Sensitive Skin, Australia?

Anyone with fragile skin knows how hard it can be to source cosmetic products that don’t have a damaging impact. When you want to conceal the reactions that come with irritable skin, regular makeup often only makes conditions worse.

Leading dermatologists advise opting for mineral foundations when seeking a formula that doesn’t agitate the skin. Harsh, synthetic ingredients can clog pores and cause redness and inflammation. Give your skin the best possible treatment with specially-designed cosmetics and foundation for sensitive skin.

We recommend adding mineral blush, mineral bronzer and mineral mascara to your makeup collection to be sure you’re covering the bases and not inflicting any damage when you apply cosmetics.

When you buy sensitive skin makeup from ECO Minerals, you can be confident that you’re also taking care of animals and the environment. Every one of our products are vegan, cruelty-free and cause minimal environmental impact.

Sensitive Skin Makeup from ECO Minerals

We specialise in creating makeup for sensitive skin. Australia bears the natural resources and minerals to build an entire range of beautiful make up for sensitive skin, without compromising on quality.

Choosing foundation for sensitive skin, no matter what your skin type, protects you against future attacking factors. Our products contain UVA and UVB-reflecting minerals to keep you safe from the sun.

Unlike other brands on the market, we refuse to use fillers or synthetic chemicals. Fillers are used by some manufacturers to bulk up a product, which can be damaging to the skin. Here, we prefer pure minerals, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your face.

Delicate skin can react even to products that are considered harmless to other skin types, so choose makeup with a simple list of ingredients. At ECO Minerals, our products are ethically-sourced in Australia, so you can achieve flawless coverage without the stress.

Keep Your Skin Happy :)

Most skin types – even blemish-prone skin – are usually a good match for minerals cosmetics products. We use only 100% natural ingredients to keep your skin happy.

To be sure, we advise doing a patch test or consulting with your skin professional before using any new products. That way, you can have complete confidence that you’re using only the best makeup for sensitive skin.

If you’re not noticing flawless, completely happy skin upon application of our products, get in touch with ECO Minerals. We’d be happy to arrange an exchange or full refund.

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