Eco Minerals are proudly accredited as palm oil free by Palm Oil Investigations.

Read on to see how you can help the animals and the Earth

You probably know that palm oil is devastating to the Earth and is responsible for mass scale habitat destruction and is bad for Orangutans.

What you may not know is that the palm oil industry also impacts many other endangered animals including including the Sumatran elephant tiger and rhinoceros and humans are also suffering as indigenous people are driven off their land. Palm oil is also contributing to climate change.

The most alarming thing for customers who wish to avoid palm oil is that it is hidden in so many ingredients and in some cases, suppliers are lied to so they believe their products are palm oil free when they are not.

Eco Minerals is grateful for Lorinda from Palm Oil Investigations for her hard work in educating us and assisting us in created truly palm oil free products.

Use this hashtag #palmoffpalmoil to help Orangutans and raise awareness. The above image is from

Are all Eco Minerals products free of palm oil?

Yes - all Eco Minerals products are free from palm oil. In fact it is likely that Eco Minerals have the only truly palm oil free mascara that is made in Australia!

How can I help?

Become educated and share the information with your friends and family. Ask companies about the use of palm oil in their products. Be aware that sustainable and organic palm oil is very likely to cause the same issues as standard palm oil.

Reading ingredient labels is difficult because palm oil is hidden under so many names and within so many ingredients.

How can I avoid palm oil?

The best way is to shop from stores and brands who have thoroughly been investigated and educated about palm oil. Brands and stores that are accredited by Palm Oil Investigations are listed here. You will notice Santos Organics - a Byron Bay store that stocks Eco Minerals - is fully accredited - all products sold are palm oil free! Biome eco stores also has a strong palm oil policy.

What about sustainable palm oil?

Many brands claim that the palm oil they use is sustainable and, in most cases, this is not true. It is safest to avoid brands who use palm oil altogether. You may see companies stating that their products use palm oil certified by the RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. The RSPO has been criticised by experts including Greenpeace and is often far from sustainable.

Where can I find out more?

You can check out Oil Palm Investigations and TOP - The Orangutan Project for detailed information about palm oil and the impacts and how to avoid it. You can also be involved in helping Orangutan.

Biome eco stores have information of palm oil and their commitment to avoiding this ingredient and spreading awareness. Find out more about Biome and palm oil.