Finding a makeup for your sensitive skin

What is the best foundation for sensitive skin?

ECO minerals specialize in makeup for sensitive skin and happily provide information and offer samples to purchase so you can choose the best foundation for your sensitive and extremely sensitive skin. There are hundreds of mineral makeup brands out there and none are more pure than ECO minerals – in fact many other brands contain ingredients that are known irritants.
Sample sachets give around 3 applications each - please use ECO minerals for a week and follow test guide below so you can use the product for a week to be sure you have found your perfect ECO match. If for any reason your skin is not healthy and delighted with our foundation - please let us know so we can advise an alternative product or offer you a refund.

Be sure to use a test patch - Simply apply a small amount of the product to your inner wrist, elbow or ears - only apply further if you skin is showing no signs of irritation 48 hours later.
The perfect foundation for sensitive skins will:
1) not irritate further
2) provide healing/soothing effects
3) cover up redness, blemishes etc

What is the best foundation for sensitive skin? Experts and dermatologists recommend choosing powder based makeup because these contain fewer ingredients and are less likely to cause irritation on the skin as they do not require harsh preservatives.

ECO minerals products do NOT contain these ingredients that are may cause irritation and/or are simply not necessary for a beautiful makeup:

1) Bismuth Oxychloride
2) Boron Nitride
3) Magnesium Stearate
4) Nano-particles / Micronized minerals/particles
5) Rice starch
6) Sericite
7) Talc
8) Zea Mays (cornstarch)

There are none of the DIRTY DOZEN ingredients in any ECO minerals products - these are almost certainly harmful to your skin now and your future health.
Click HERE for other commonly irritating ingredients. Remember that ingredients that irritate you may not irritate another. We hope this list is helpful :).
Ingredients ECO minerals use in their foundation: If your skin is extremely sensitive, be sure to try ECO minerals Flawless Foundation. This is an ultra gentle formulation low in Mica.
• Mica is a natural ingredient that most sensitive skins can tolerate.
• Apply lightly with a soft brush. Choose a formulation that is low in Mica, such as ECO minerals Flawless foundation
• Sericite is a finely ground form of Mica. This can be irritating and is not contained in any ECO minerals foundation.
• Only the highest quality minerals are used in our formulations.
• Titanium - Titanium Dioxide is in MOST mineral makeups as the main ingredient and provides a natural, physical (not chemical) sunblock.
• Zinc Oxide is used in MOST mineral makeup formulations, and is also used as a rosacea treatment. This ingredient can also be irritating to some with sensitive skin.

For full ingredient listings check the INGREDIENTS tab for each product.