Why Choose Vegan and Cruelty- Free?

Eco Minerals products are Vegan and Cruelty-Free certified by Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) and also by PETA. We have never, and never will conduct testing on animals and we also believe that the most beautiful products are cruelty free, vegan and contain no animal products.

Testing on animals in the beauty industry is cruel and unnecessary and most of us don't want it - so why does it happen?

Testing on animals is often used for ingredients which may not be safe for humans. So many products with cheap and potentially dangerous chemicals are tested on animals. The only "winner" is companies profiting from selling the products - the animals suffer and the customer does not get a safe and amazing product. At eco minerals we know that using natural, time tested ingredients that are safe and gentle and do not react on the skin.

So why does animal testing exist? Natural products and ingredients are usually more expensive to create so companies are often looking for cheap ingredients that will give them better profit margins.

Because many customers are unaware of this, they are using chemical and toxin laden products that are tested on animals, harmful to your health and skin and also polluting our water ways. If you haven't already overhauled your beauty products to natural and cruelty free - then do it!! You will be helping the animals, your skin, your health and the Planet and experiencing the luxury and magic of what nature has to offer us!

Animal ingredients in beauty products.

Here's a feel for the type of ingredients that are in cosmetic brands that are not Vegan. This list is from www.onegreenplanet

1. Cochineal Dye Also listed as Carmine, this odd sounding substance is far from synthetic. It’s actually a dye collected from crushed Dactylopius Coccus … or cochineal beetles to be precise. The insects feed on cactus plants in Central and South America and the females eat the red cactus berries; when they’re crushed an intense red dye is produced. It’s found in most lipsticks and a lot of blush products.

2. Guanine This one is often confused with bat guano, or bat poop. In fact, it’s a crystalline material that’s shimmering or light-diffusing and found in crushed fish scales. It’s in most mascaras, nail polishes and lipsticks. Bat poop or fish scales, does it really matter which it is now?

3. Tallow Tallow is a common ingredient in many cosmetics including eye makeup, lipstick, makeup bases and foundations. To the everyday consumer, it’s more common name would be rendered animal fat. The process involves boiling the carcasses of slaughtered animals until a fatty substance is produced, ready to add to cosmetics and apply to one’s face.

4. Gelatin Similar to tallow, gelatin is the boiled skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of animals. It’s aliases include gel, hide glue, gelatine, isinglass, kosher and halal gelatin. It can be spotted hiding in creamy cosmetics and nail treatments.

5. Lanolin Imagine not showering for days. You know that greasy build-up in your hair? Now imagine never, ever showering and living in a steam room. Pretty gross thought, isn’t it? Well, imagine putting that greasy build-up on your face. Lanolin is the excretion from wool-bearing mammals and is found in most lipsticks and makeup removers.

6. Squalene Sounds gross, doesn’t it? Well, if it doesn’t make you squeal yet, keep reading. This substance is extracted from the livers of sharks and then added to your eye makeup and lipsticks.

7. Ambergris It may seem unbelievable, but this ingredient is derived from the waxy oil that lines whale’s stomachs. Surprisingly enough, this oil substance is used to make the scent “set” in perfumes.

8. Collagen Found in cosmetic lip-plumping glosses, this is a fibrous protein from animal tissue that has no proven effect on your own collagen reproduction.

9. Estrogen Also listed as Estradiol this hormone-based can be found in most perfumes, restorative creams or lotions. Estrogen is obtained by extracting urine from pregnant horses. (Yuck? We agree.)

10. Retinol This pesky animal-based ingredient can often be found in products that boast an “anti-aging” quality. Retinol is a potent source of vitamin A, but it is almost always derived from an animal.

Hasn't animal testing been banned?

There is talk about this - but is is still happening in Australia and many countries around the world :(

Did you know that any product sold in stores in mainland China must be subjected to animal testing? Did you know that MOST beauty products purchased in Australia are tested on animals?


We recommend checking out the CCF (Choose Cruelty Free) app and website for a list on certified companies. This organisation do thorough checking on brands and their list is available as an app or on their website. You can also check the PETA listings. FIND OUT MORE

We as customers have the power to change this. Always ask for a cruelty free option and support brands that are caring to the Earth, animals and your skin!

A vegan product should not have animal or constituents derived from animals, nor should a product have been tested on animals before production. We here at Eco Minerals very much respect and congratulate you on your decision to shop ethically.

So here are a few things to watch out for when buying natural vegan makeup that do not contain animal ingredients. 


This is a fibrous protein found in mammals, including our own skins. It comes from an animal's nails, hair, and horns and the baleen plates of whales. It is used particularly in hair products.


Collagen is a protein that is found in muscles, bones, tendons and skin where it provides strength and structure. Collagen is produced by cooking cartilaginous animal parts, such as the bones, connective tissues and the skin of dead animals. It is used in many creams, lipsticks and lotions.

Beeswax (also called "cera alba" or "cera lava")

As I hope you are aware, bees are under threat around the world and losing their superb pollinating ability could very seriously threaten human food production. We all have to do our best for these hard working allies. To make a pound of beeswax a bee must use more than two kilos (over six pounds) of honey. The worker bees do this by secreting wax "scales' from glands underneath their abdomens. It is used in many products including lipstick, eye shadow and foundation.

Squalane & Squalene (the "e" makes a difference)

Squalene is shark liver oil and Squalane is a derivative produced by a chemical process that adds hydrogen atoms. Again, many types of sharks are becoming endangered, indeed in 2010 the EU started to ban deep-sea shark fishing because of the threat. It is used in many cosmetic moisturizers.

There is now a plant based version available which should be labelled as being derived from olives, amaranth oil or sugar-cane.

Guanine (also known by the very dull code CI 75170)

Guanine is made from the scales scraped off dead fish. After being treated with alcohol it forms a "pearly" substance that is added to cosmetics such as blush, eye shadow and nail polish.

Carmine (has many names such as cochineal, carminic acid, crimson lake, natural red 4, and the dull sounding codes CI 75470 and E120)

It is produced by crushing insects. The deep red colour is extracted from the insect’s eggs and body. It is used in lipsticks and blushes.


This fat is a by product of the sheep and wool industries and is the grease from a sheep's hair.  It is used in lotions and lip balms.

Look out for these ingredients on labelling because, as we know, companies can label cosmetics “cruelty free” yet they still might contain these non-vegan constituents. "Cruelty free" only means the company did not test their product on animals, they may still contain animal ingredients.


The Benefits of Using Vegan Makeup

The application of vegan makeup is becoming increasingly popular these days due to the benefits it offers over ordinary cosmetics. Women want to be sure that the cosmetics they apply are entirely safe and healthy for their skin. The following are the advantages of using vegan makeup:

  • No use of the by-products of dead animals such as uric acid (obtained from cows), beeswax, and extracts from insects.
  • Gives a flawless coverage by settling on the skin in a natural way. A vegan foundation covers the skin without making it look unnatural or overdone.
  • Cosmetic products that are animal-friendly do not block skin pores like some conventional makeup and allow the skin to breathe.  
  • Consumers who are purely vegan can apply products that are absolutely cruelty-free with no worries.
  • Eco Minerals make sure that their packaging is 100% eco-friendly and that their labelling is accurate.
  • At least fifty prominent cosmetic brands have adopted veganism and offer their consumers a wide variety of options to choose.
  • They cover any imperfections on the skin. People usually apply makeup too generously, giving it a cakey and fake appearance. Conventional makeup blocks skin pores, the face starts to sweat and the makeup cracks and melts.  With Eco Mineral products, the skin not only looks light and fresh but also conceals facial blemishes and scars by giving the skin an even, all over tone.
  • Animal-free cosmetic products are mostly oil free and are therefore ideal for oily skin types. Conventional products release oil that settles on the surface and clogs the skin.

There is a natural concern among women regarding the difference in application of ordinary and vegan makeup products. Both are applied in a similar way, although mineral makeup is kinder to your skin and is only slightly more expensive. This is more than compensated for when you consider the true benefits associated with vegan friendly makeup. 

Ingredients Used In Making Vegan Makeup and Their Importance

There are several ingredients that combine together to make natural vegan makeup.  

The absence of synthetic components in natural mineral makeup does not mean it can not be used for professional use. The organic substances used instead do the job without harming the skin.

Companies that manufacture vegan cosmetics use inorganic salts that make the skin feel healthy and light unlike traditional ingredients that make the skin look heavy and oily. The core ingredients used to make mineral makeup are:

  • Oxides are manufactured after the oxidization of iron and zinc. The oxidation procedure lets the mineral act as a natural sun-block. Zinc oxide also has the potential to heal wounds and it is an antiseptic and antibacterial powder.
  • Mica gives the skin a smooth and soft texture as well as a shimmery and lustre full look that makes it ideal for mineral makeup. Mica suits all skin types.
  • Kaolin is an essential component that controls oil, which is naturally released from the skin. Kaolin is characterized as an ingredient that absorbs oil and is therefore ideal for oily skin types. 

Natural Vegan Makeup for Delicate Skin

Women with delicate skin need to be careful about what they put on because conventional makeup can often react with their sensitive skin. Non-Toxic vegan cosmetics do not make the skin dry and itchy. Mineral makeup will not cause rashes or acne. The natural minerals in vegan cosmetic products help to rejuvenate the skin and rebuild damaged tissue.

Eco Minerals can be trusted to label all their ingredients correctly and a customer can avoid problems by consulting with our experts before testing it on their skin. We still stress, however, how important it is to educate yourself and read the labels before making a purchase decision, no matter where you buy your cosmetics.

About Eco-Mineral Vegan Makeup Australia

Vegan cosmetics are becoming more and more popular. People prefer using natural makeup rather than those that have animal or animal by-products in them. ECO Minerals are an animal friendly and cruelty-free cosmetic company.

We make products that are environmentally friendly and with absolutely no animal testing. We are a renowned cosmetic brand in Australia who provide natural cosmetics of premium quality. Our natural minerals and extracts are beneficial to our customers. 

We also offer generous rewards to customers who return to us for refills. Our reasonably priced products will give you a rewarding, enjoyable and healthy experience.

Our policy is very simple, we promise to bring you the best natural makeup that keeps not only your skin but our planet completely safe by using the most pure and nature friendly ingredients. Our packaging is also environmentally friendly and ecologically safe. We care for our consumers and work tirelessly to satisfy them.

We ensure that our products are completely pure and safe because we wish to maintain our reputation of being the best vegan cosmetic company in Australia who will never compromise on the quality of our products. 

Being the leading retailer in the mineral makeup industry in Australia we can offer completely safe and beneficial products because we understand the important skin requirements of our customers.

We have products to suit all skin types and our good reputation now extends internationally because we always deliver on our promises. We are offering free delivery all over the world for purchases made above AUD $99. Our online store is easily accessible and we are here to answer all your queries and concerns.

Our extensive range of cosmetic products will fulfil all your makeup requirements and we also offer a perfect colour match guarantee.

Why Buy From Us?

Our mineral foundation includes ingredients like Zinc oxide and Titanium Oxide that act as sun-screening agents to protect our consumers from skin damage in the sometimes harsh Australian sun.

Kaolin clay is another nourishing constituent added which helps in the absorption of the skin's naturally produced oil and helps to keep an oily skin's pores clear and healthy.

Our day and night creams are popular for clearing skin breakouts and pore cleaning because they are designed specifically for oily skins. Their drying molecules help to even out the oily patches of your skin.

Eco Minerals also cater to people with dry skin, which can lead to wrinkling and aging. Mica is a natural anti-aging component which helps the skin to look radiant and to regain its natural moisture.

Our mascaras will keep your lashes beautiful and healthy whilst enhancing their flutter and giving your eyes a warm glow. These are available in a range of black and dark brown colours.