No fillers, parabens, chemical preservatives, or palm oil. Just 100% pure natural minerals.

ECO minerals is proudly Vegan and Cruelty Free. Our 100% natural cosmetics products are created to be kind to animals and kind to the Earth. We are certified Cruelty Free and Vegan by Choose Cruelty Free and PETA.

Choose Cruelty-Free. Choose Vegan Make Up.

Consumers across the globe are becoming increasingly concerned about animal welfare and at ECO Minerals, we couldn’t be happier. Veganism is on the rise in Australia, so why shouldn’t vegan cosmetics be more widely available?

Creating the vegan makeup Australia loves is at the heart of what we do. Imagine a world where we can look beautiful every day without harming any animals.

All of the products you can buy from ECO Minerals are free of animal products and are 100% vegan. We don’t test on animals because we’ve unearthed ways to develop the best vegan makeup without inflicting cruelty on our fluffy, feathery friends.

You shouldn’t have to buy products that don’t align with your own values, so choose Australian vegan makeup from ECO Minerals.


Vegan Mineral Makeup, Australia

When Lulu, creator of ECO Minerals discovered mineral makeup, she knew that she’d never go back to chemically-made alternatives. It truly felt amazing on her skin, looked flawless and – best of all – didn’t harm animals or the planet.

From there, our collection of vegan mineral makeup grew and grew. Now, you can choose from foundation, bronzers, highlighters, mascaras and more. All vegan, all flawless for every skin type.

We stick to a simple list of ingredients that are ethically-sourced and we’re dedicated to creating the best vegan makeup we possibly can. Find your exact colour match and build a cosmetics collection that’s designed for your unique skin.

We’re so confident that you’ll be satisfied with the quality of our products that we offer a colour match and money back guarantee. So, if you don’t love it, let us know.

True Beauty is Cruelty-Free

We live and breathe our motto: True Beauty is Cruelty-Free. No one needs to sacrifice the quality of their products when they go vegan, just as no animal needs to sacrifice their life for our beauty.

We know that all of the best ingredients are cruelty-free and natural, so you can wear them with pride. Australian vegan makeup is taking over the beauty market and now you can buy them from ECO Minerals easily and with confidence.

We offer same day shipping and a money-back guarantee on all vegan cosmetics across our range. Join us in the movement to protect all of our friends that roam the earth with us.