Welcome To The World Of Eco Beauty!

We know that making the switch to natural and sustainable beauty products can be overwhelming, which is why we've created the perfect starter pack. Our Welcome Pack includes a carefully curated selection of our best selling products, designed to give you a taste of what the world of natural beauty has to offer.

So why wait? Take the first step on your journey to natural, sustainable beauty today and SAVE. Our Welcome Pack comes with these three products, for a super low $78! Valued at over $100.

  • Your choice of Mineral Foundation - 5-gram jar
  • Your choice of Blush, Bronzer or Illuminate
  • Our soft as kisses Kabuki Brush
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Vegan & Cruelty Free

Cruelty isn't beautiful, that's why we don't conduct or condone any animal testing No animal products, no animal testing, ever.

Four Base Ingredients

Zinc oxide to calm skin. Iron oxide for pigment. Titanium Dioxide for sun protection & coverage. Mica for perfect finish & texture.

Eco Friendly Eco Refills

Save money and reuse your original jar with eco-refills. Simply 100% natural mineral cosmetics, beautifully gentle on your skin.

So What is All the Fuss about...What Are These Products Good For?

Our range of mineral foundations provide the perfect, all-natural coverage, that lasts all day long. Oh, and they're SPF 25+!

Whether it's our Flawless Matte - crafted to reduce shine and give a matte finish or our Perfection Dewy foundation for a more flattering finish. Both are suitable for all skin types.

Eco's Vegan Kabuki Brush is soooooo soft, you'll love using it every single day! Easy to hold and easy to use, it's a delight. And, you can be assured no animals have been harmed in the making of it.

Both our Bronzer's and our Blushes are made to offer your skin a natural glow, and delightful looking complexion. The Mineral Bronzer can be applied to give a sun kissed glow, all shades are gentle on the skin, to suit all skin types. While our Blushes contain a hint of sheen, to give your skin a perky pick me up that lasts all day, and compliments all skin tones.

What Do Real People Have To Say About It?

* "I purchased ECO for the first time and am incredibly happy with the product, the easy internet purchasing experience, and the really speedy delivery!The brush is divine, and am sooo happy with it! I look forward to trying more of the products in the future. Thankyou ECO xo"

Lea O'Day

* "I love Eco mineral products I have some eyeshadows, foundation and blush and everything so so pigmented and just feels light and beautiful on my skin. I have oily skin and usually foundation my skin can't cope with but Eco minerals is on another level just love it my skin breaths."

Sylwia Beard

* "Nothing to not like about it. Very good quality!"

Anja Wolf

* "Love this! The mineral powder foundation is a great colour and doesn't highlight my wrinkles! My 12 year old is starting to want to wear a little makeup and the mineral foundation and blush is perfect for her too."

Robyn Mckay

As Mentioned In:

"100 per cent cruelty-free, vegan and all natural, Byron Bay's Eco
Minerals provides Aussies with a range of makeup that has: No fillers
no parabens, chemical preservatives or palm oil"

"ECO Minerals is a vegan cosmetics brand that-like
PETA-is on a mission to liberate animals. The company is
a huge advocate of animal liberation and eco-friendly

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Bronzer / Blush

Shade Guide


This 100% pure long-wearing mineral foundation is formulated to give a matte finish on normal, oily and combination skins.

Shade Guide for Flawless

Ultra Lite - very fair skin
Light Beige - fair skin
Porcelain - light medium skin
Golden Light - light medium golden tone
Nude Beige - medium skin - BEST SELLER
Light Tan - medium/tan skin
True Beige - medium cool base
Sand - medium olive base
Olive - deep tones skin
Mocha Magic - deepest tone skin


For a dewy, flattering finish on normal, dry, mature or sensitive skin.

Shade Guide for Perfection

Light Vanilla - very fair skin
Vanilla - fair skin
Lightest Caramel - light skin with or without freckles
Lightest Beige - light skin with redness
Beige our BEST SELLER - medium skin
Neutral Sand -medium/tanned skin
Warm Beige - medium skin with redness
True Tan - classic beachy tan - amazing for faux tanners
Darkest Beige - tanned skin with redness
Olive - olive toned skins
Chocolatte - deep skin tones


Shade Guide for Bronzer

Holiday - terracotta bronze for light/medium skins
ECO Exotic - semi matte bronzer suits all skins
Summer - classic true bronze with subtle luminance


Shade Guide for Blush

Dreamtime - Pink tones Bestseller
Uluru - Earthy tones Bestseller
Burnt Sienna - A classic coral
Amethyst - Pinky mauve
Lolly - Classic pink

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eco Minerals Completely Natural?

Yes, we only use 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality.

Where is Eco Minerals Made?

Eco Minerals products are made in beautiful Bryon Bay, Australia.

Do Eco Minerals have an SPF?

Minerals cover the skin and reflect UVA and UVB rays - this is an ideal non-chemical sun protection. Mineral foundations have an SPF of 24+

Is Eco Minerals Suitable For Sensitive Skin?

Eco Minerals is very gentle, but we do still recommend doing a patch test if your skin is highly sensitive, and we do offer a refund if you're unhappy with it. We also offer samples if you're unsure or would like to try before commiting. Eco Minerals products do not contain nano particles.

How Are We Different From Other Brands?

Eco Minerals

  • Eco Minerals is made with pure minerals - ground up rocks - and high quality mica that are ethically sourced. (Eco Minerals is 100% natural)
  • Eco Minerals are Vegan and cruelty free. We do not partake in any animal testing or use any animal ingredients.
  • Eco Minerals products are made in Australia in beautiful Bryon Bay.
  • Natural Mineral based makeup applies gently to all skin types, to sit well on normal, oily and sensitive skin without being heavy or thick.
  • Mineral products naturally block UVA and UVB rays, giving it a natural sun protection rating (SPF) of 25+. (edited)

"Other" Makeup Brands

  • Some other brands produce their makeup products with harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients.
  • Too many major makeup brands still test their makup products on animals, or use animals at some stage of their production process.
  • The majority of the makeup industry make their products overseas.
  • Due to being made of synthetic ingredients, a lot of makeup products clog pores, leave an oily finish, and feel heavy or sticky when applied. And can be toxic to your skin.
  • Some other makeup products provide sun protection, but to do this they input chemicals that are bad for the environment and for your skin.